Alas, the Mission Creek Music and Arts Festival had to end. I couldn’t think of a much better way to end this eventful week of local music than by enjoying a pair of bands whose sound could not be lumped in with any local trend or scene. Both bands draw a great deal from the sounds of the past, yet each puts their own distinctive modern spin on it.

The Hot Toddies come complete with tight harmonies and unapologetic “shooby-doo-wops,” welcoming the obvious comparison to sixties female vocal groups. At the same time, they’re playing their own instruments and the lyrical content is not drenched in nostalgia. Instead, the quartet sings about the disappointment of teenage internet dating and missing your boyfriend when you’re in Seattle because, well, you’d like to “ride him like a horse without a saddle.” “Seattle” is my personal favorite, but each song – most sung with tongue firmly in cheek – is a custom-made crowd pleaser. Most importantly, it’s really, really fun, which – on a night before I must return to the confines of my office job – is just what I needed.

I’ve been following The Music Lovers rather closely since I heard them on The Bay Bridged. Under the watchful eye of frontman Teddy Edwards, the Music Lovers are performing well-crafted pop music at its finest. When the band transitions into a sea shanty, it feels totally natural. If you’re going to call yourselves the Music Lovers, you better be fucking serious – and it’s clear the band loves music and loves what they’re doing. Smiles are all around for the quintet who are also, undoubtedly, the most stylish band in the Bay, with each of their outfits complementing the next. The video posted is of a new song called “Saturday” which I thought was just absolutely fantastic.