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Less than a week after we interviewed Volunteer Pioneer in January, we were shocked to learn of the passing of harpist and vocalist Sabrina Duim. The surviving band members, Kyle Williams and Jason Byers, took some time off to regroup after this tragic event, but recently announced the release of the band’s EP of recorded material, some selections from which you can hear in our podcast episode and in this live set recorded at Rodent Records.

The Volunteer Pioneer EP can be purchased via PayPal directly from the band’s MySpace page, and additional mail order methods are outlined on the band’s blog. It’s a great record and very much worth your money.

Additionally, Kyle and Jason have announced via the VP blog that they are currently working on a new band and will soon begin recording new material. The guys write that, “The new band will include more instrumentation with plenty of pizazz to shake a stick at. We are very excited to be writing and rehearsing and are looking forward to playing shows this summer.”

We’ll keep you updated as we find out more about the new project.