We took Noise Pop off last night in order to regain some of our hearing back after Wednesday night’s shows. Tonight doesn’t offer too many local bands in the festival, but here are a few that are well worth the price of admission. Check them out if you can!

Death of a Party
with: Autolux, Snowden, Malajube
The Independent
8:30/9pm $12/$14 21+
Death of a Party open.

with: The Dandy Warhols, Audrye Sessions, & DJ Aaron Axelson
9pm $30 21+
Elephone open.

Check out our podcast on Elephone:


Zach Rogue
with: Vic Chesnutt, Thao Nguyen, Alela Diane
Swedish American Hall
7pm/7:30pm $15 all ages
Zach Rogue on 3rd.

For tickets and information on Noise Pop, head on over to their website. You can also check out The Deli: SF for more Noise Pop info and reviews.