San Francisco’s And a Few to Break is a band that defies classification, existing in some new, uncharted territory occupying the space between instrumental rock, post-punk, and metal among other influences. On their new album Procession, the guys integrate and balance these influences with such skill that you can easily forget it’s their debut record.

The album is structured into a number of lengthy songs bridged by some shorter pieces. While the shorter pieces are very good, it’s the longer ones that demonstrate the band’s mastery of dynamic songwriting, taking listeners on an emotional journey that grows more rewarding with each subsequent listen. We’ve included three of the longer pieces as well as two interview segments, during which the band discusses how they wrote and recorded the record as well as how they developed their fantastic live show.

Head on over to the And a Few to Break’s MySpace page to order a copy of Procession via PayPal and to find out about the band’s upcoming concerts. The band’s next show, which we are definitely going to attend, is:

Saturday, February 24th
El Rio
w/ The Distraction Fit, We Be The Echo, and If Nobody Knew
9pm, $7

The guys also maintain a blog which can be found here.

Thanks again for listening and thanks to everyone who attended our The Bay Bridged and Mesh Magazine Present show on Saturday. You can check out some pictures from the show at Mesh and at The Deli SF.

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