is proud to announce our latest show, a collaboration with Mesh Magazine, one of the Bay Area’s preeminent publications, covering independent music, art, culture, food and more. This show spotlights some of the best in Bay Area rock bands, featuring three groups that create smart, challenging rock music that neatly straddles the line between pop and progressive elements. In short, it should be one hell of a party:

The Bay Bridged and Mesh Magazine Present:


Saturday, February 10th, 2007
The Knockout, 3223 Mission Street (at Valencia)
10pm, $8

Tartufi headlines the show with their dynamic and explosive sound. As Aquarius Records remarked, “Singer and guitarist, Lynne Angel and drummer, Brian Gorman with the help from Tim Green (of The Fucking Champs) have crafted a mathy stew of beauty and noise with vocals that are at times both angelic and damning with turn-on-a-dime changes, majestic sweeps, soft interludes, and only a touch of over-indulgence. The acrobatics that Angel brings doubly to the guitar and her voice have to be seen live to be believed, where they seriously sound like a four piece with a choir.” Our interview with Tartufi can be found here.

Moggs recently made our list of our favorite episodes of 2006. Our colleagues at Playing in Fog once wrote, “To many of us in the Bay Area, Moggs have been one of the greatest local bands to grace a stage … if you can catch them. Irregular shows and no product to rely on meant that a live performance by them was your only chance for hearing their angular-yet beautiful sounds, and it was like striking gold – better jump on it because you never know when it might happen again.” To hear our interview with Moggs and some songs from their excellent album The White Belt Is Not Enough, head here.

Sholi, another Bay Bridged favorite, is opening the show. To quote the Bay Guardian, “Blonde Redhead met the Dirty Three, had a fight, then had a baby with King Crimson contributing ancillary sperm. The bundle of noise was named Sholi and was greeted with oohs and aahs from psych-heads, prog-maniacs, and cut-the-BS rock and rollers, all frozen in unison to take in the babe’s darkly romantic and roomy wails… What meets your ear should be mathematically ethereal and strangely danceable – the group hides its pop-imp self under a trench coat festooned with knives and chain saws, like that of the woman in the Far Side who told her date she was going to slip into something more comfortable.” Check out our interview with Sholi and some of their music here.

Mark your calendars now and we’ll see you at the show!