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Don’t get distracted by Dark Side of the Cop‘s name, derived from the band’s original goal of writing songs to play while watching Beverly Hills Cop. The band’s music establishes that they aren’t a gimmick. Quite the contrary, their self-titled debut album is a heartfelt take on Beach Boys-style pop, utilizing beautiful melodies and sweet synthesizer arrangements to wonderful effect. Honestly, it’s one of the best albums from the Bay Area all year.

We caught up with Marco and Roger at Muddy Waters in the Outer Mission just before they went on their most recent tour, which has included a performance at the NEMO music festival and several at CMJ. We spoke about preparations for the tour, how a project of originally limited scope has expanded into a full-blown band, and their plans for the future. These guys are funny and talented, and they displayed a level-headed sensibility about the business side of the music industry. In other words, we hope and expect that they will go far.

You can purchase Dark Side of the Cop from their record label, Auger Down Records, by going here, or you can purchase it at CD Baby. Keep checking our calendar for their next show in the Bay Area!

Also, thanks to everybody who came to our The Bay Bridged Presents show last Friday. These live shows have been such a blast to put on, and we fully intend to keep producing them in the future. For more information about our Presents shows, including information about how to get your band involved in future shows, click here!

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