Happy Halloween,

Now that we’ve found our costume, we can turn to our latest Monthly Local Mix, our chance to put together a playlist of quality tracks from a number of local bands from across the indie universe.

About the bands you’re hearing:

Matt Lutz leads off our show with a track from his terrific album Seesaw. As we mentioned in our last post, Matt will be playing at our second The Bay Bridged Presents show, alongside Rykarda Parasol and Petracovich on Friday, November 3rd. The show will be at the Edinburgh Castle, is only $7, and starts at 9pm. You should definitely check it out! For more information about Matt’s music, head over to his MySpace page.

The Communique track we’ve included kicks off their just-released EP Walk Into the Light, which we strongly suggest you pick up over at their online store. You can stay abreast of the band’s future shows and other developments at their web site and at their MySpace page, where you can hear more selections from the EP as well.

Berkeley’s Tempo No Tempo recently released The Get Up EP, which you can (and should) buy over at their MySpace site. Trust us, it’s quite good–evocative of the more danceable Dischord bands, but with even more melody.

Show Me State has a show coming up on October 31st at the El Rio. The song we’ve included comes from their self-titled CD released this year. Check out more of their great songs at their MySpace page.

The CD we recently received from Lazertag is a great example of why we love checking the mail at The Bay Bridged HQ. Check out more of their wonderfully synth-driven indie-pop on MySpace. We’ll make sure their next show is posted on our Local Concert Calendar too.

Although we’ve included a track from The Finches‘s first EP, Six Songs, the band just finished recording a full-length album and promises both East and West Coast tours in the Winter. Head on over to their web site for video and audio live recordings and more music from this very talented San Francisco. They also have a MySpace page here.

We first covered Triple Cobra in one of our Mission Creek Music Festival mixes and now include a rocking number from their upcoming album Live Fast and Die Beautiful. Although the song kicks ass, it doesn’t do justice to their live show, which is quite literally explosive (in a good way). Catch their two-year anniversary show on November 11th at the Rickshaw Stop. More information on their web site and their MySpace page.

And a Few to Break‘s latest release Procession balances dense, complex song structures with melodic passages that make it a unique and thoroughly satisfying listen. For more information about the band’s November 3rd show at San Francisco State University, as well as their other upcoming dates in Northern California, Oregon, and Washington, head over to their MySpace page or their web site.

Thanks for listening! Be sure to check back in next Tuesday for another great episode and we’ll see you at the show!