Hello all,

After a highly successful The Bay Bridged Presents: A Benefit for Playing in Fog, we were eager for our second opportunity to showcase some of the best music in the Bay Area. Well, that time is upon us:

The Bay Bridged Presents:

Rykarda Parasol
Matt Lutz

Friday, November 3rd, 2006
Edinburgh Castle, 9pm, $7

This show is as “A Singer-Songwriter Showcase,” because all three are some of the best in both of those roles. But don’t just take our word for it:

Of Rykarda Parasol, the Bay Guardian says, “A genuine musical force in her own right with a
[P.J.] Harvey-laced smokiness to her voice, Parasol weaves gothic, bluesy tales of desire and strength, compassion and solitude. She’s just what I need.” Rykarda’s full-length debut Our Hearts First Meet is one of the best records of 2006. Our episode featuring Rykarda can be found here.

Matt Lutz has received considerable acclaim as lead singer and songwriter for The Herms, a band The Owl Mag called “art and indie rock at its finest, especially in a scene that is floundering with carbon copies.” On his solo album Seesaw, Matt delivers the great pop songwriting one expects from The Herms, but he incorporates some influences and sounds you wouldn’t hear in a typical Herms song (if there is such a thing). You can hear our episode with Matt and The Herms here. Our friends over at New and Used Records recently did a video feature on Matt’s solo work which is quite good and which you can find here.

Completing the bill is Petracovich, whose latest record, We Are Wyoming, Paste magazine called “a perfect balance between rhythmic beats, atmospherics backdrops, striking images and angelic vocals. The sound…is simultaneously worldly and otherworldly.” We entreat you to check out our Petracovich episode here.

This show is particularly exciting for a few reasons. First of all, it’s one of the final shows at the Edinburgh Castle, one of the only spots in the city where you can eat fish and chips, drink an excessive amount of pints of quality beer and hear some fantastic indie music. If you’ve never been there before, the Castle is at 950 Geary St, betweek Polk and Larkin.

Plus, with this line-up, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be a really fun night. Nobody is going to have a full band behind them, but none of the acts is going to be truly solo. We’d explain more, but we’re not even sure what the final stage configurations are going to be. Suffice to say, this may well be your only chance to hear these songs this way.

Tell all your friends! Support local music and we’ll see you there!