Hello again,

A few weeks ago, we spent the better part of an evening chatting with Jason, Liam and Owen from Mandrake. These guys make some really great music that channels progressive and indie rock elements through some great acoustic instrumentation and excellent vocals. During the interview, the guys joked about making “hardcore acoustic rock” and it’s undeniable that there’s a unique intensity to the Mandrake sound.

When we spoke, they were hard at work mixing their brand new (as of yet untitled) full-length debut album, from which we are pleased to feature several selections during the episode. We discussed the process of making the album, how the band formed, and the challenges of translating their sound to a live performance.

You can stay updated about the new album and any upcoming shows at Mandrake’s web site or MySpace page, and their record label, E14 Records.

Thanks again for listening! As always, if you have any feedback for us, including suggestions of bands to feature, drop us a line here!

Have a great week!