Welcome back!

This week, we feature Rykarda Parasol, a singer and songwriter from San Francisco who writes some great melodic dark rock/pop songs. We met up with Rykarda at the Blackthorn Tavern in the Inner Sunset, the site of our very first interview (nine months ago!) with Continental.

We talked quite a bit about Rykarda’s recently released and much acclaimed full-length debut Our Hearts First Meet, released on Three Ring Records, her experiences working solo and with a full band, and the role real-life experiences play in her lyrics.

To purchase Our Hearts First Meet, check out Rykarda’s page at Three Ring Records or buy the album on iTunes. Rykarda will be playing a solo show on Sunday:

Sunday, October 8th
Rite Spot Cafe
8pm, with This Isn’t It

In addition, we’re pleased to announce that Rykarda will be performing solo at our second The Bay Bridged Presents show, which will take place on Friday, November 3rd at the Edinburgh Castle at 9pm. Also playing will be Matt Lutz (from The Herms and Matt Lutz and the Animal Husbandry) and Petracovich! We’ll be telling you all more about this in the coming weeks, but mark your calendars because it will be a great time!

For now, enjoy this week’s episode and we will see you again next week!