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This week we are pleased to feature Boshuda, a San Francisco rock band we were fortunate enough to meet through our friends and neighbors at Pacific Noise. As an aside, we call them our neighbors not just because of the shared “DIY new media journalism covering SF Bay Area bands” aesthetic, but also because they actually are based out of the apartment next to ours. We found this out when they got delivered some of our mail. We know that San Francisco is a small city, but the fact that our studio shares a wall with one of their bathrooms just seems a bit preposterous.

But back to Boshuda. As you’ll hear during the interview, these guys and gals enjoy incorporating a lot of different styles, making their take on jittery art-pop dense and featuring some great guitar work that you might not traditionally associate with post-punk or shoegaze. Plus, they’re a lot of fun to talk with, which always makes things more enjoyable. Over some homemade beer, we discussed a variety of things, including their participation in this Saturday’s Pacific Noise Presents show. The Pacific Noise folks were on hand to discuss the goals of the show, which you should definitely check out:

Saturday, September 30th
Pacific Noise Presents — Artists Respond to War
Balazo 18 Gallery
with Finest Dearest, Little Teeth and an art show
8pm, $5

Check out Boshuda’s web site here and their Myspace here. Over at their audio page, you can download “Devil on my Shoulder,” the episode’s opening song, and several other tracks.

Thanks for listening! We’ll be back next week with another great episode and a big surprise, so stay tuned!