This week we feature The Invisible Cities who will be headlining our first ever The Bay Bridged Presents show which is a benefit for Playing in Fog. We sat down with Sadie, Han, and Goh over at The View Bar on the top of the Marriott. Not only were the views pretty amazing, but the interview was a blast. We discussed the band’s desire to tour, their latest release Watertower, and Goh’s role as a lamaze coach.

Catch these guys live with 20 Minute Loop and Tomihira next Wednesday, September 6th at the Make-Out Room! For more information about The Invisible Cities check out their website or myspace page. You can also purchase their CD from iTunes or off their website here!

Lastly, we can now announce our Playing in Fog Benefit Auctions! They are all on eBay so check them out and let the bidding begin! All of the proceeds from this auction will go towards Playing in Fog’s Legal Fund. For more information about this cause, click here.

Each auction can be accessed by clicking it’s title link below or see all of them here!

Auction #1: Playing in Fog Alumni Pack
Autographed copy of Thee More Shallows most recent EP, Monkey vs. Shark.
Autographed copy of Thee More Shallows second record, More Deep Cuts.
Autographed copy of The Herms’ first LP, Record Machine.
Starting Bid: $20

Auction #2: John Vanderslice Autographed CDs and DVD
Autographed copy of his latest release, Pixel Revolt.
Autographed copy of MGM Endings: Cellar Door Remixes.
Autographed copy of Suddenly It All Went Dark: Pixel Revolt Live to 2-Track.
Autographed copy of John Vanderslice Live at Schubas DVD.
Starting Bid: $40

Auction #3: Birdmonster Autographed CD, 7″ EP, and Poster
Autographed copy of their first full length, No Midnight.
Autographed copy of their 7″ EP, Birdmonster.
Autographed poster of their debut CD release.
Starting Bid: $20

Auction #4: Co-Host an Episode of The Bay Bridged
In this auction the lucky winner will get to interview a top San Francisco Bay Area band alongside The Bay Bridged co-creators. The winner gets to pick which show they want to participate in and come along with The Bay Bridged to interview and get to know the band. These interviews are a lot of fun, will be accompanied by beer, and we’ll also throw in a pair of tickets to the interviewed bands next show in the Bay Area.
Starting Bid: $20

Thanks and Good Luck! We’ll see you next week!