Hello again from The Bay Bridged!

This week we’re bringing you another installment of our Monthly Local Mix series, spotlighting a group of bands we haven’t yet featured alongside some old friends of the show. Big things are happening here at The Bay Bridged HQ, as evidenced by the brand new banner designed by Scott Barry, the first The Bay Bridged Artist-in-Residence. Every month, we’re going to spotlight a different local artist that you should know about, and ask them to put their own spin on The Bay Bridged site. You should definitely check out more of Scott’s work at Birdstand. Additional kudos to him for suggesting the idea! If you’d like to become the next AiR, drop us a line here. Similarly, if you’re in a band or work with a band in the Bay Area, fill out our request form to Get Heard. Several of the bands included this week did and are now a part of the Bay Bridged family.

We hope you enjoy this week’s mix. As we mention in this week’s show, there’s more big stuff on the horizon for us, stuff we will be posting here in the next few days. As always, thanks for listening!

About this week’s bands:

Dark Side of the Cop and Social Studies are playing together tomorrow, August 16th at the Make-Out Room. The Bay Bridged will definitely be there, so you should swing by and check out a night of great local music!
20 Minute Loop has a show coming up that we’re particularly excited about. Listen to the episode to find out why!
Jake Mann has a show on August 28th at Mama Buzz Cafe in Oakland.
The Don’ts are currently working on a brand new record.
The Ebb and Flow have a show coming up at the Hotel Utah with Oranger on August 25th and recently released a new tour EP.
Griddle just released their album Klimty Favela today! Check their myspace page for more details.
Form and Fate doesn’t have any shows currently listed, but you can should definitely check out their awesome music here.

Check back in with us next week for our second show teaming up with Playing in Fog! See you then!