Did you know? July was renamed for Julius Caesar, who was born in that month. Previously, it was called Quintilis in Latin, since it was the fifth month in the Roman calendar which started in March. Because of its origin, until the 18th century this month’s name was pronounced the same way as the name “Julie”. Thank you Wikipedia!

Alright, on to the Monthly Mix! This time we’ve included eight local bands that have yet to be featured on our show. We feel each of these bands brings something fresh and unique to the bay area sound and wanted to share them with you. All of the bands are actively playing throughout the bay area, so check out our NEW Local Concert Calendar to find out if they’re playing at a venue near you!

Also, if you hear something you like on the show, be sure to check out their websites for more info or to purchase a CD! Each of the bands sites can be found by clicking their names below:

LSD and the Search for God
Send for Help
Serene Lakes
The F*cking Ocean
Thee More Shallows
Tippy Canoe

If you’re in a band and interested on being on one of our feature shows, send your music to us! More information can be found by clicking the ‘Get Heard‘ button above.

Thanks for listening and we’ll see you next week with a new feature show!