Hey guys and gals! The World Cup is over, so now what? How about another great local band coming at you like a headbutt to the chest!

This week we feature Brookhaven, a 3 piece electronic rock/instrumental band from Oakland. We sat down with Sonny, Michael, and Bret over at the bay bridged headquarters to talk about their new material that they’re working on.

For more information about the band, head to their myspace site or over to their record label, Expel Records!

They don’t have any upcoming shows due to their work on the new album, but you can find out when they’re playing in the future, as you can with all other bands we have featured, by using our BRAND NEW LOCAL CONCERT CALENDAR! That’s right, we’ve created a Bay Bridged exclusive local calendar where you can find out when and where bands we have showcased will be playing! So check it out!

Stay tuned for even more great surprises from us over here in the near future. We’ve got some great stuff cookin’!