We’ve made it to our 20th episode! We’re celebrating this achievement with a feature show on The Drogues, a punk rock three-piece from San Francisco. We sat down with Mark, Ray, and Kevin over at the Edinburgh Castle a few weeks ago during, what turned out to be, Quiz Night. Luckily the Castle was nice enough to let us record in their empty venue to avoid the yelling of odd pop culture trivia questions throughout our interview.

Check out the show and be sure to check The Drogues at their next show:
Thursday, July 20th @ The Hemlock Tavern
9pm with Painted Bird and Sky Pilots

Also, if you want to grab their album, check out their myspace page! $10 and shipping is included? What a Steal!

Lastly, don’t forget about the Playing in Fog Presents show featuring Ex-Boyfriends, Music for Animals, and Sholi THIS WEDNESDAY (7/5) at Cafe Du Nord!

Have a great week!