8 People + 1 Bottle of Wine + 18 Beers + Only 4 Mics = Our best podcast to date.

That’s right! We have started a great collaboration with Deb Zeller and Playing in Fog to create the first ever Playing in Fog/Bay Bridged Podcast (we’ll call it a PiFcast for short). This PiFcast showcases the Playing in Fog Presents show featuring Ex-Boyfriends, Music for Animals, and Sholi on July 5th at Cafe Du Nord.

We sat down with Deb Zeller, Jay and Ryan from Music For Animals, and Colin, Chris, and Peter from Ex-Boyfriends at the bay bridged headquarters. We had some drinks and had a great conversation about Bananarama, Craigslist, the SF Music Scene, and touring. We have interlaced this great interview with music from all three bands so that you get a preview for this great show coming up next week!

Also, to celebrate this new endeavor, we have created the very first Bay Bridged Contest. Click the link below and enter yourself in a raffle for 2 FREE TICKETS to this show! The winner will be told via E-mail on July 3rd, so get those entries sent in! Thanks to Deb Zeller and Cafe Du Nord for making this possible!

Enter the Bay Bridged Contest!

Congrats to our winner: Richard P.!