It’s May and our 10th Show!

This episode features The Ebb and Flow, a three piece band from the Bay Area. We met up with Roshy, Sara, and Sam at a burrito joint in the Mission and discussed their last album – Time to Echolocate, Bob Moog, and pen pals. In this episode we also feature a remix of Body and Soul by Josh from Magic Surprise.

The Ebb and Flow will be playing at the Mission Creek Music Festival on May 16th at the Make Out Room with Cloud Cult, Radius, and Hijack the Disco. Tickets to this show can be purchased here.

We will be back next week with TWO shows. Yes, TWO! We will be featuring a few dozen bay area bands that will be playing in San Francisco’s Mission Creek Music Festival. So get your headphones ready ’cause next week will be packed with great music.