This week we feature Parker Street Cinema, a three piece instrumental group from San Francisco. Ben and I had a blast interviewing these guys – they truly make this venture of ours worth it. We also just saw these guys at the Hotel Utah last Thursday and they were great live.

They will be playing at The Edinburgh Castle on May 27th with Continental and Brookhaven. For those of you who missed it, Continental was our first show here at the bay bridged and it can be downloaded here! We will actually be featuring Brookhaven early this summer, so keep a look out!

On an unrelated note, we have been amazed by the support that our listeners have shown for Deb Zeller and her recent legal battle. For more information, a link to an article in Mesh can be found on the right side of the webpage. We hope to raise another $100 for her – so if you can – please donate. Any amount will help!

We’ll see you next week!