Happy April!

This weeks show features Halcyon High, a solo project formed by Roger Anderson in 2004. We saw Halcyon High a few weeks back at the House of Shields and were amazed by both the sound and the unique visuals that were projected behind him as he played. This is a great episode that features an intriguing interview with a unique performer about how he creates his sonic and visual creations.

Halcyon High will be performing at Edinburgh Castle on April 8th with Tomihira (not Tomihara) and Foxtail Somersault.

Also, Roger has started a website, Cool Waves SF, that is dedicated to creating a community of bands and people with interests in post rock, shoegaze, space rock, slowcore, psych, ambient, dream pop, or anything of the like. The site also contains great resources on venues, press/promotions, and record labels useful to any band getting started, so check it out!

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