Video: Hectorine’s “Your Severed Hand”

A year after the release of Hectorine’s debut, self-titled album, on April 7 the San Francisco space folk group released the music video for the album's closing track, “Your [...]

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December Playlist: Best of the Bay 2019

December is here and that can mean only one thing: lists.

Gift shopping lists. Baking lists. Best-of-the-Year lists. You name it, it probably exists in bulleted form for the season. Chalk [...]

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Not of the Zeitgeist: Hectorine’s debut folk album

(photo: Emily Dulla)

Words by Michelle Kicherer

I’ve had lots of conversations over the years in the anguished I-was-born-in-the-wrong-decade vein. We’ve sat there daydreaming about what it must have felt like [...]