The Y Axes release “Neon Streets” video

The Y Axes have made a new video. It's silly. A vehicle for their May release, Sunglasses and Solar Flares, the video stars the band members as teenage Republican vampires trying to convert a resistant population of San Franciscans. Spoiler alert: It's hard to be a Republican in San Francisco, vampire or not. The Y Axes are making a few appearances for San Francisco's ULUV Music Day tomorrow, at Trouble Coffee at 2 and The Mill at 3 pm. They'll also be playing next month's Big Rock Show in San Jose with A Yawn Worth Yelling, Six Steps North, [...]

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Ty Segall announces new album ‘Manipulator’

We already know Ty Segall likes to stay busy. The former local has had his hand in more projects than you can count on one hand, but just in case that all isn't enough, he has just announced his new album Manipulator, which will drop August 26 via Drag City. He has yet to release any singles just yet, but the flaxen-haired fuzz freak has at least given us this teaser: Unfortunately, he also has yet to give us any Bay Area show dates (though he does have a four night residency at the Echo in Los Angeles), but knowing Ty, he'll [...]

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Jesus Sons and The Electric Magpie roll through Brick & Mortar

Jesus Sons are rolling through Brick & Mortar tomorrow night to soundtrack your full moon Friday the 13th with grimy riffs and gravely vocals. Weaving the experimental underground of 1960s New York City with the easy rider vibes of the 1970s California, Brandon Wurtz, Shannon Dean, Bert Hoover, Erik Lake and Chance Welton wear their dusty layers of vintage influence like badges of honor. Their music carries in it the American mindset of combatting modern discontent with rock and roll, long motorcycle rides and generous amounts of whiskey and beer, and they encapsulate this attitude without pretense. If you're looking for an antidote [...]

Cold Beat drops video for “Mirror”, and bandleader Hannah Lew spearheads ‘San Francisco Is Doomed’ compilation

(Photo by Madeline Allard) Last month, Cold Beat announced the release of their debut LP Over Me, out July 8 via singer/bassist Hannah Lew's Crime On The Moon imprint, and also dropped the album's first single, "Mirror", an uptempo indie pop gem that features an epic little solo from guitarist Kyle King. Now the band is back with a video for that track, which matches the music's intensity and pace beat-for-beat. Directed by Lew (who wrote "Mirror", as she does all Cold Beat songs), the video was shot by Madeline Allard and edited by Renny McCauley. In it, the band's [...]

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Video: Shannon and the Clams – “Rip Van Winkle” (win tickets!)

Just back from Europe, Shannon and the Clams head to The Chapel this Friday before appearing at Burger Boogaloo in Oakland next month. The band recently released this clip for "Rip Van Winkle," directed by Cody Blanchard, off last year's stellar Dreams in the Rat House. Want to win tickets to Friday's Chapel show? To enter for a chance to win tickets, email with “Shannon and the Clams” in the subject line and your full name in the body of the email. A winner will be selected at random and notified via email. Shannon and the Clams, The Memories, Tomorrow's [...]

Interview: Odawas are back with ‘Reflections of a Pink Laser’

Photos: Kayla Krut, edited by Isaac Edwards Odawas, the combination of Michael James Tapscott and Isaac Edwards, took a brief hiatus starting in 2011, but they are now back and in fine form with the release of their new LP, Reflections of a Pink Laser, available now from French label Bookmaker Records. Like previous Odawas releases, it's a studio-intensive combination Edwards' expansive synth arrangements that somehow take nothing away from Tapscott's intimate songwriting style and vocals. They make a nice team. Odawas have been making music in some form for about 10 years now, and were featured on a [...]

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Giveaway: Trans Am wraps up ‘Volume X’ tour at the Independent

Trans Am (a three-piece band including local Phil Manley, known also for his work at Lucky Cat Recording in Potrero Hill) have been on tour in support of Volume X, the electro-rock trio's tenth full-length effort. As mentioned back in May, Volume X incorporates a poppier side to the band's ever-inventive sound. If more incentive is needed to check out Trans Am's show tomorrow night at the Independent (with Dirty Ghosts, Golden Void, and Death Cheetah also on the bill), check out the live video for "Megastorm," as premiered by the A.V. Club back in May: We have tickets [...]

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Video Premiere: Cocktails – “Bob Pollard’s Mind”

Photo: Jenn Dorn Heard Earlier this month, Cocktails premiered the track "Bob Pollard's Mind" on Stereogum, and today we're oh so happy to give you a first look at the video for the same track. "Bob Pollard's Mind" is the second track the band has shared off their forthcoming Adult Life LP, out June 17 on Father/Daughter. Here's how Cocktails frontman Patrick Clos described his artistic vision for the shoot: A bit of background is that we borrowed some flip cameras and go-pro's and went to visit Ryan Rinker's dad's place up in Lake County, CA.. When we got there, [...]

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Video: Religious Phase – “Have a Seat”

Is the Bay Area becoming too...normal for you? Well, if for some reason you need a little extra weirdness in your life, let me introduce you to Oakland's Religious Phase. Fronted by a guy who goes by Sneal, Religious Phase's debut album Weekend Getaway rarely follows anything you'd expect from an album. Despite all the oddities included, such as the punchline of "interesting feature of the old west", there's evidence that Religious Phase can craft some nice melodies that you can sing along to, such as "Have a Seat", which features Matt Nelson on sax, and is in video form [...]

Luke Sweeney offers new music video for “Miss Me?”

Luke Sweeney, Bay Area garage pop sweetheart, is at it again. This time, with his new video for "Miss Me?" which is set for release on his upcoming full length Adventure:Us in August. The video was written & directed by Sweeney, filmed by Emily Sevin, and edited by Neal Jonas. The fun and quirky video begins as a story of Sweeney trying to impress a girl he met one night on the beach, and then follows his pursuit to try out for bands in order to get her attention. Of course, it wouldn't be the tell-tale love story without it taking a couple [...]

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