Episode 53: The Dodos (Dodo Bird)


This week marks the one-year anniversary of The Bay Bridged. We'd like to thank everyone who has helped us along the way, including all of the bands, journalists, [...]

By |February 27, 2007|24 Comments

Episode 52: The New Trust

Welcome back!

We drove up to Santa Rosa last weekend to interview The New Trust, an indie-rock four piece from Santa Rosa who are this week's featured act. We [...]

By |February 20, 2007|10 Comments

Episode 51: And a Few to Break

San Francisco's And a Few to Break is a band that defies classification, existing in some new, uncharted territory occupying the space between instrumental rock, post-punk, and metal among [...]

By |February 13, 2007|6 Comments

Episode 50: Monthly Local Mix for February 2007

Hello again,

This month's mix features a nice mix of indie pop and rock from seven Bay Area artists. A number of these folks are playing shows around the [...]

By |February 6, 2007|8 Comments

Episode 49: Tartufi

Welcome back,

Last week we spoke with Tartufi, the San Francisco-based rock duo of Lynne Angel and Brian Gorman who crafted one of last year's best records in Us Upon [...]

By |January 30, 2007|18 Comments

Episode 48: The Finches

Hello again,

A few weeks ago we spoke with The Finches, a folk-rock duo consisting of Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs and Aaron Morgan. The band was first recommended to us [...]

By |January 23, 2007|2 Comments

Episode 47: Volunteer Pioneer

On Monday night, we learned of the passing of Sabrina Duim, harpist and vocalist of Volunteer Pioneer, who were scheduled to be this week's featured band. When we [...]

By |January 16, 2007|2 Comments

Episode 46: Honeycut

Hello again,

Late last year, Honeycut released their debut album The Day I Turned to Glass, a fantastic record that found them on year-end "best of" lists from a variety [...]

Episode 45: Monthly Local Mix for January 2007

Happy New Year!

We hope you enjoyed the holidays however you chose to celebrate them. While we appreciated the break last week, we're excited to be back with a [...]

By |January 2, 2007|6 Comments

Episode 44: Ten from 2006

Welcome back,

As we look back on 2006, we're astonished by the wealth of great bands we've been able to bring you in our features and monthly mixes. This [...]

By |December 19, 2006|2 Comments

Episode 43: The Music Lovers


This week we present the third in our series of "PiFcasts", our ongoing series spotlighting bands performing in the excellent Playing in Fog Presents series of concerts curated by [...]

By |December 10, 2006|26 Comments

Episode 42: The Dont’s


The Dont's have been friends of ours for a while now, and we've definitely been among the excited looking forward to their brand new CD Inner El Camino. [...]

By |December 5, 2006|30 Comments