Episode 92: Audio Out Send

This week, we bring you the music of Audio Out Send, an Oakland quartet who have developed a textured sound mixing strong rock influences with synthy, sometimes psychedelic flourishes. [...]

By |November 27, 2007|2 Comments

Episode 91: November 2007 Monthly Mix

The Heavenly States

This week's episode of our podcast is our final Monthly Mix of the year, featuring songs from eight great San Francisco Bay Area groups, including some new [...]

By |November 20, 2007|2 Comments

Episode 90: The Passionistas

Photo by Christelle Imperial de Castro

This week's episode of The Bay Bridged Podcast features San Francisco's The Passionistas, a quartet whose mix of indie pop and art-rock, filtered through [...]

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Episode 89: Mist and Mast

Over five years, Oakland's The Red Thread won acclaim for three albums of lush Americana-touched California pop. After the band had its final performance earlier this year, singer-guitarist [...]

By |November 6, 2007|4 Comments

Episode 88: October 2007 Monthly Mix

60 Watt Kid

This week's podcast episode is our latest installment in our Monthly Mix series, featuring eight great songs by a variety of San Francisco Bay Area groups. [...]

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Episode 87: Nyles Lannon

This week's episode of our podcast features the music of San Francisco's Nyles Lannon. You may have already come across Mr. Lannon through a number of avenues--his critically [...]

By |October 23, 2007|4 Comments

Episode 86: Trainwreck Riders

This week we bring you the music of Trainwreck Riders, a San Francisco band blending elements of country, rock and punk into a tight melodic rock and roll sound. [...]

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Episode 85: Greg Ashley

This week, we bring you the music of Greg Ashley, the Oakland-based musician who has been praised for his work with The Gris Gris as well as his solo [...]

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Episode 84: Von Iva

Photo by: Kee Photography

Our interview with Von Iva, this week's featured band, has been a long time coming, as the band was on a short list of groups we [...]

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Episode 83: September 2007 Monthly Mix


This week's episode of our podcast is our latest Monthly Mix, our chance to bring you a whole bunch of songs by some great bands we've been listening to [...]

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Episode 82: Silian Rail

Silian Rail, this week's featured band, have the kind of back story ideal for a band one-sheet. Childhood friends from North Carolina who lost touch and then regained [...]

By |September 18, 2007|4 Comments

Episode 81: The Makes Nice

This week we feature San Francisco's The Makes Nice, a trio who draw on a garage rock sound pallete, which they infuse with catchy melodic pop and the raw [...]

By |September 11, 2007|Comments Off on Episode 81: The Makes Nice
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