Review: Rufus Wainwright and the San Francisco Symphony think big

Warning: I'm going to talk about classical music but it's only going to be a little boring, I promise. There are lots of different ways for rock star kids to rebel against their rock star parents. If you're Hank Williams III, you rebel against two generations of country music establishment by playing nasty-ass punk rock. If you're Jakob Dylan and your dad is a living legend, you rebel by sucking. If your parents are dyed-in-the-wool folkies like Kate McGarrigle and Loudon Wainwright III, you rebel by composing a lavish orchestral piece that calls for three flutes, three oboes, a piccaolo, [...]

Odawas – “Mind of Christ”

Mind of Christ [edit] by Odawas by mettamind Cassettes go out of print quick, but the music shouldn't disappear into thin air that same way. And so, Odawas have posted the tracks from their Mind of Christ tape, which saw a very limited run on Tired Trails, as a free download on their website. About the recording: The first track for this cassette was our soundtrack to Neil Blakemore’s Cannes selected short film, "Kill Yr TV." The other two tracks were experimental pieces penned by Isaac and finessed by me in a kind of reversal of the usual Odawas process. [...]

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Recommended, 11/15-21: Eux Autres, Clinic, KIT and the SFX Festival

Every Monday, we'll be offering you early picks for some of the week's best concerts. Do you think we omitted something worthwhile? Let us know in the comments! Also, we've launched a new Local Concert Calendar, which you should be sure to check out for an expanded set of daily listings. Bands/promoters/managers, feel free to submit your own shows to the Calendar too. Eux Autres celebrate the release of Broken Bow Outrageously catchy, slightly raw, Broken Bow is the third album from SF's Eux Autres, and it's one that fans of indie pop shouldn't miss. The album comes out next [...]

Barn Owl – “Light from the Mesa”

Barn Owl - "Light from the Mesa" Ancestral Star is the latest release from SF drone rock duo Barn Owl and is out now on Thrill Jockey. Yesterday I listened to this song five times in a row and found its rumbling expanse to offer a very calming influence. Your results may vary, but you might as well give it a try. Barn Owl's got some East Coast/Midwest dates next week, with their next SF show opening for Om and Lichens at The Independent on December 16th.

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Pregnant and Appetite: new sounds from Sacramento

If it seems like things have been quiet on the Sacramento front, we should clear that up. Here's the latest commotion coming from up north. Pregnant - "Wiff of Father" Pregnant comes from the Sierra foothills, a solo musician (real name: Daniel Trudeau) who gets it all done himself via looping, pedals, playing guitar and/or saxophone, anything to maintain a one-man show. The result is nothing hard on the ears -- these elements blend into a bright, electronic psych-folk medley, with creeping dark undertones. Trudeau's album Regional Music is out now on Life's Blood, and he has also released on [...]

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Saturday: Catch Sharon Van Etten, Jose Gonzalez with Junip @ The Indy

I like a woman who is unafraid to be her outspoken, dark-humored self in front of the audience -- a woman who is part Chan Marshall, part Julie Doiron. Wye Oak played the Independent last month, and guitarist Jenn Wasner encountered some technical difficulties. Between excessive apologies for the state of failing pedals and amp, Jen continuously cussed out her gear and promised the crowd that it would all be replaced before they came back with their next record. It was doubtful that anyone on the floor found the apologies necessary or wanted his or her money back, and whether [...]

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Video: Dominant Legs sits on the big ugly yellow couch

Clawing Out at the Walls by Dominant Legs from Big Ugly Yellow Couch on Vimeo. Of the many regularly occurring "live session" videos sprouting up around the internet, I've grown to enjoy the Big Ugly Yellow Couch sessions -- my favorites include the episodes with Twin Sister, Dawes and Maps & Atlases. The Brooklyn-based series' latest comes from one of our own, Dominant Legs. Something about the crowded shots required from filming in this living space give a similar feeling to an impromptu jam sesh circa college, but in a most endearing way. We all find this situation far too [...]

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Melted Toys – “Lost Connection”

Melted Toys - "Lost Connection" Melted Toys are a newer SF band, with a debut EP out next year on Underwater Peoples. Dig the worn cassette vibe of this dark synth-pop track and then see them tonight at the latest Epicsauce show at Milk, with Woodsman, Craft Spells and Skeletal System (filling in for the previously-scheduled Gauntlet Hair, who canceled their West Coast tour).

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