East Bay Musicians Alliance host October 13 showcase

em>Update from the EMBA: This event has been rescheduled for January 12, 2020. Watch this blog for more information.

The East Bay Musicians Alliance is hosting their inaugural showcase this [...]

B. Hamilton keeps rock alive with “45 and Straight”

(photo: Luke Judd)

You know how people (namely, Neil Young) used to say "rock and roll will never die"? Yeah, that...seems to have sorta happened. With charts dominated by pop, [...]

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  • Ticket Giveaway Wednesday
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    Ticket Giveaway Wednesday: Damien Jurado, Jonsi + Alex and more

Ticket Giveaway Wednesday: Damien Jurado, Jonsi + Alex and more

(illustration: Cassidy Miller)

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To enter for a chance to win tickets to any show below, email contest@thebaybridged.com [...]

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Band Art with Cody Blanchard

“I like surreal art that doesn’t take itself too seriously,” says Cody Blanchard as we discuss the vaguely disturbing but wonderfully intriguing images from books like Shel Silverstein’s Falling [...]

Photos: Samantha Fish + Marc Broussard at the Fillmore

Marc Broussard (photo: Ria Burman)

Samantha Fish exploded rock and roll upon the Fillmore stage, opening for Marc Broussard in spectacular fashion.

Marc Broussard brought the butter-smooth-soulful vibes to the crowd, [...]

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  • Ismay
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    I’m at a loss for words about Ismay’s “When I Was Younger I Cried”

I’m at a loss for words about Ismay’s “When I Was Younger I Cried”

A lot of times I avoid writing about artists I like because I just can't think of anything to say besides "They're great." I reference this constantly when I [...]

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Photos: Charli XCX + Brooke Candy at the Fox Theater

Charli XCX (photo: Norm deVeyra)

Last week saw an incredible lineup at the Fox Theater, headlined by the British pop marvel Charli XCX performing for a passionate crowd in support [...]

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Premiere: Tino Drima, “Do The Damn Thing”

Tino Drima's Gregory DiMartino

We're excited to premiere "Do The Damn Thing," the third single off of Tino Drima's new EP Suitin' Up. Opening with an arpeggiated synthesizer and a [...]

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Photos: Mahalia at Great American Music Hall

Mahalia (photo: Norm deVeyra)

UK Singer Mahalia has just released her latest album, Love and Compromise, and swung by the Great American Music Hall to give a headlining performance in support of [...]

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Aw Hell, Half Stack’s new EP is here

Howdy partners. We’re delighted to announce that Half Stack just released Aw Hell, their latest EP, and hell is it a delighter. They’ve kept their classic Americana style and [...]

Review: Bon Iver is lost in the woods no more

(photos: Graham Tolbert)

“Imagine talking to this many people. It just feels ridiculous...or stupid," Justin Vernon said to applause and laughter, just after his band had gotten through a forceful [...]

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Sponsored: dodie grows up at the Fox on Sunday

Welcome to the age of the YouTube Sensation.

It seems like more and more of the artists we cover are getting their start on the same service that brought us [...]

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