Video: The Mantles – “Memory”

The Mantles have a new 7" out on December 2 via Slumberland Records, entitled Memory. The title track from the 7" debuted yesterday in video form via Impose. This new 7" from the Mantles is the latest release since 2013's Long Enough To Leave (produced by fellow local Kelley Stoltz). Currently, the band only has shows scheduled in Europe, but keep an eye out for any forthcoming local shows.

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Premiere: Blood Sister pays homage to ’80s cult flick in video for “Ghost Twin”

"You wanna know who and what I am?" asks a heavily-made up woman with a vacant stare in her blurred, VHS-quality eyes. "I'm a killer." Fair enough. You've chosen homicide as your career path – not exactly reasonable or rational, but unfortunately nothing too out of the ordinary. But no, this maniac just wants everyone to be clear about how she goes about committing her crimes: "I kill with my cunt." Yep, that's how Blood Sister’s new video for "Ghost Twin" kicks off, but it's not exactly new footage – the video, produced by the band's frontman Ezana Edwards, pulls [...]

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Monster Rally & Jay Stone share “Cognac,” LP on the way

LA instrumental hip-hop producer Monster Rally has teamed up with Oakland MC's Jay Stone and Brandon Rayson on the track "Cognac", and let's just say this collaboration has me hooked. "Cognac" the first track of a collaborative LP from Jay and Monster Rally, Foreign Pedestrians, set for release January 27 on Gold Robot Records. Monster Rally, aka Ted Feighan, has released several albums on Gold Robot to a decent amount of attention and success, while Jay Stone is a relative unknown, (although hopefully not to our readers). The two were introduced by Gold Robot Records founder Hunter Mack, who says [...]

Mark Kozelek releases a pair of…divergent songs

The Bay Area's crankiest folk singer and Pitchfork's favorite clickbaiter this side of Pharrell, Mark Kozelek, has had a whirlwind last couple of weeks, as we told you about earlier this month. As Kozelek hinted, he has written and recorded a song entitled "War on Drugs: Suck my Cock" that you can download from Pitchfork. Stream it below: He gleefully describes the incident that started his "feud" with The War on Drugs while taking aim at the "Fucking hillbillies" in North Carolina and "Bridge and Tunnel People" that "love 'em some War on Drugs". And he does it [...]

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Premiere: Stream The Tropics’ new EP ‘Wind House’

(Photo by Benjamin Wallen) The Tropics have been on a video rampage of late, dropping shorts for two tracks off their forthcoming EP Wind House – first for "Sons & Daughters" and then last week a new video for "Fireproof" – in the last month alone. While we've now heard those two songs plus "Sleepless" (which the band released a video for back in May), The Tropics have yet to unveil the album en totale ... until now. Yes, we here at The Bay Bridged are ecstatic to be giving you the first full listen to Wind House, which is [...]

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Julia Lewis – “You Were My First Love” ft. Saint Tiimbre

From San Francisco producer Julia Lewis (aka Benjamin Failk) comes a new track “You Were My First Love”, featuring Saint Tiimbre, a collective comprised of Amp Live (of Zion I), vocalist Natasha Adorlee, and Falik himself. The song is part of a forthcoming EP by Julia Lewis, The Space Between Us, due out through independent release on October 28. The layers of “You Were My First Love” are definitely compelling; though Adorlee’s vocals sit somewhat shaky on the surface, there’s a strong base and a slow build with lots of white space, making Lewis’s track instantly gratifying without being a [...]

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Taxes releasing ‘It Never Ends’, play shows at Slim’s and Bottom of the Hill (UPDATE: stream the whole album via Bandcamp)

It's pretty clear from the opening lines of Taxes’ press bio that frontman Robby Cronholm isn't interested in letting anything distract from the music – especially not something like, well, a bio. Hey, at least he's honest and has a wicked sense of humor to boot: Some bios are ironic and filled with lies. This one is not. Robby Cronholm has tried and, for the most part, loved the following forms of therapy: Hypnotherapy. Equine therapy. EST. Release technique. Aqua therapy. Raiki. Kundalini. Past-Life Regression. Sand Box Therapy. Art Therapy. Transcendental Meditation. Jungian. Freudian. Psychoanalytical. Acupuncture. Singing Bowls. Etc. And [...]

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Front Country’s ‘Sake of the Sound’ release party at Slim’s next month

On the title track to their debut LP Sake of the Sound, Front Country's Melody Walker sings of the healing power of music ("When it hits you, you gonna feel no pain") while imploring the Oakland band's audience to grasp the band's personal investment in its craft ("Feel the room shake – can you hear my heart break? I'm in love with the sound"), laying bare the dual nature of music's emotional impact. The song – which finds itself at a similarly beautiful intersection between bluegrass and, well, fist-pumping, foot-stomping rock – is impossible to resist. Front Country released an [...]

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William Ryan Fritch releases ‘Heavy’ EP, Death Blues’ ‘Ensemble’

Music writers – including yours truly – throw around the words epic, ethereal, and soundscape quite a bit. Anything that's somewhat amorphous and presents an aura of openness and grandness is immediately slapped with one or more of these labels, allowing the journo to convey how stirring the music truly is, as well as the idea that music – even without words – can tell an emotional story. Well, William Ryan Fritch’s music cannot and will not escape these descriptors. In fact, the perfect way to describe his August release, an enchanting EP entitled Heavy, is that it's chock full [...]

Useless Eaters stream new album Bleeding Moon

SF-via-Memphis' Useless Eaters are sharing their latest (and highly-anticipated) LP, Bleeding Moon, streaming now on Wondering Sound. Check out the most recent single and crowd favorite, "American Cars," below. Out this month via Castle Face, Bleeding Moon rattles and shakes with the sweat and syncopation; the whine and grit of very early punk rock. While it's a slight departure from the band's slightly more melodic past, it'll still destroy your car speakers and probably annoy anyone sitting next to you on the bus. Useless Eaters, the brainchild of "angular punk" maker Seth Sutton, relocated to and expanded in the [...]

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