The Mantles’ Michael O. releases debut record

Michael O. of Oakland's The Mantles is getting ready for the release of his first solo LP, Really?, on April 28. Carrying some significant hallmarks of '80s college-radio rock (deep, slightly-disaffected vocals contrasted against jingle-jangle guitars), Really? is a surprisingly upbeat, windows down kind of album, perfect for the coming spring that in some corners of the Bay is already here. Check out some sneak-peek tracks from his Bandcamp below. Really? by Michael O. The Mantles themselves are currently recording a new LP themselves. No word yet on when you can expect it, but Really? already feels like a fine [...]

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Title Fight playing Slim’s next month in support of third LP, Hyperview

  On the heels of their third LP, Hyperview, Title Fight announced a national tour that brings them to San Francisco on March 13. Hyperview is another chapter in Title Fights evolving sound, which has seen the band move from pop-punk to ’90s alt rock, and now to shimmering shoegaze and post-punk. The move feels totally natural though, as every album gave dark hints at their genre expanding intentions. The new album sees them shedding most of the gravelly vocals that gave their records such emotional ferocity and instead showcasing beautifully sung melodies over chorused out riffs and pop songs. "Rose of [...]

Field Medic releases new EP Me, My Gibberish, & the Moon

Field Medic has a new EP out. Titled Me, My Gibberish, & the Moon, the six-song album is full of the heartbreak and existential angst you've come to expect from Kevin Patrick and the stable of cohorts on his label Sunroom Recordz & Salon. The tracks on this release are brief and direct like a collection of Hemingway short stories, preferring raw emotion and straightforward acoustic arrangements to abstruse symbolism and intricate productions. Though a bit more polished than previous releases such as Fuck You Grim Reaper or iloveuimcrazyimsorry, the new EP still contains the despondent melodies, subtle musical [...]

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Premiere: Makeunder – “What a Lovely Bandsaw!”

(Photo Credit: Ginger Fierstein) Hamilton Ulmer finds weird ways to sing the blues. The music he creates as Makeunder is both maximalist and brutally raw, full of urgency while simultaneously fixated on the most minute details. His first EP, Radiate, Satellite, was recorded over five days on a laptop microphone, using only a handful of old instruments to tell the story of “the life and death of a rural Californian family.” What it lacked in sound quality it made up for in trap doors and unexpected turns; like the childhood home that Ulmer sings about (and in) over the course of [...]

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Premiere: Seatraffic – “Spoken Reprise”

(Photo Credit: Madison Kotack) The Seatraffic duo quickly became a favorite at The Bay Bridged by extorting our love for synthy underwater dreamscapes and the most visually stimulating of live shows. Now we have the honor of premiering "Spoken Reprise" – lead singer Mark Zannad explains, "Back in April we got a free day of recording thanks to Converse and the Rubber Tracks sessions. We had just finished writing and recording our album Beauty In The Night and we really didn't have any material to record. Brandon and I got together and locked ourselves in our practice space until we came out [...]

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Never Young EP release show in March

Noisy rock group Never Young is releasing a self-titled EP on San Francisco label Father/Daughter Records, due out March 10th. So far the band has released two singles from the EP, a synth-powered punk track with the cheeky title “Like A Version”, and an NPR-premiered song “Ur A Front”. With a penchant for mixing ‘90s hardcore punk elements with more contemporary synthetic electronic sounds, Never Young creates a force to be reckoned with that carries from their recordings to their live shows. On March 14th, Never Young launches their new record live with an official record release show at Good [...]

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Planes of Satori releases eponymous LP on Germany’s Who Can You Trust? Records

  On Planes of Satori’s Facebook page, the Oakland-based quartet lists their joint interests as "enhancing perception, space, the future," and they all describe their music as "pure light and energy." At first blush, that may sound flippant, but after listening to the first two tracks off the band's self-titled debut full-length, I'm not a hundred percent sure they weren't being entirely serious. Composed of drummer Chris Labreche (Parchman Farm), singer Alejandro Magana (Voices), bassist Justin Pinkerton (Golden Void), and guitarist Raze Regal (Cousin), Planes of Satori explore what they've dubbed "psychedelic afro kraut" – a brand of groove driven [...]

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Premiere: Leucrota – “Systematic Violence”

(Cover art by Brandt Robert Burgess) Leucrota are a brand new band from Santa Cruz, having only just formed in the late fall of 2014; you wouldn't guess that from hearing their demo tape. The band play dark, twisted punk songs with a metal inclination – at times atmospheric and pensive, and then punishingly heavy at breakneck speeds. Today we bring you a first look at their track "Systematic Violence", which will be featured on their 2015 demo. The cassette is coming out February 28 via Sentient Ruin Laboratories, a San Francisco label specializing in all things "dark and brutal." "Systematic Violence" sounds like [...]

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Swervedriver to fill Great American Music Hall in March

Swervedriver are playing at The Great American Music Hall on March 6, four days after they release I Wasn't Born to Lose You, their first album in 17 years. They are playing with Gateway Drugs, a psychedelic-tinged band from Los Angeles. Formed in Oxford, England in 1989, Swervedriver generally get talked about as the 'heavier' or 'harder-rocking' member of the shoegaze family, which probably has less to do with their musical intentions than their contemporaries -- they gained attention after signing to Creation Records alongside My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Slowdive and a much longer and absurd list of bands. One thing rings true through the years: Guitar [...]

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The Strange Land releases cassette under new name

One of our favorite up-and-coming bands of 2014, Michael & the Strange Land, has dropped the "Michael &" and are now simply The Strange Land. They've already released a full-length cassette under the new moniker, which builds on their distinctive brand of rock that somehow manages to feel heavy and "shimmery" at the same time. The self titled album is available on 75 hand-painted and hand-numbered cassettes Grabbing Clouds Records, and you can stream it below. The Strange Land - S/T by Grabbing Clouds Records and Tapes To celebrate the name change and the cassette, The Strange Land is hosting [...]

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