Premiere: Halcyonaire – “Star Eyes”

On their Southwest tour earlier this year, between stops in Phoenix and Three Points, Arizona, Halcyonaire ventured into the Anza-Borrego Desert to collect field recordings for the first ever [...]

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Get to know: Latitude

San Francisco's Latitude began as a home recording project for Amy Fowler and her husband Joe Armin, singer/songwriter of The Aerosols. Fowler, who also plays keys for The Aerosols, [...]

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The Parmesans release “Flat Baroque”

While their name may imply something totally goofy (and their history of non-sequitir album titles like "Wolf Eggs and "Nature's Burrito" doesn't help), The Parmesans are actually delicate, articulated [...]

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Dyllan Hersey – “Too Quick”

Great news! After a brief stint in New Orleans, my favorite local folktress, Marin's Dyllan Hersey, is back in the Bay! She's shared a new track, "Too Quick", over [...]

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Premiere: Psychic Jiu Jitsu – “Dreamachine”

Psychic Jiu Jitsu is: a mix of space and time, an ethereal breath and a psychedelic adventure that will take you back to a more nostalgic and twisted San [...]

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Get to Know: Terry & Louie and Tuff Break Records

Although you may not know them as "Terry & Louie", Oakland's Terry Six and New Orleans' King Louie Bankston have been working together for a long time. The two [...]

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bAd bAd – “i don’t use gel, i don’t use mousse”

bAd bAd continues to lead the mariachi surf punk scene, as evidenced by their most recent single, "i don't use gel i don't use mousse". bAd bAd frontman Christian [...]

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Bitter Fruit release ‘It Gets Worse’

For those searching for a queercore band with palpable '80s goth and death rock influences, let me turn you to the direction of Oakland band Bitter Fruit.

Getting their [...]

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The Tropics release new video for “Sons and Daughters”

From their forthcoming debut release, Wind House, which comes out October 28th on Breakup Records, The Tropics are here with a new video (for a new single) titled "Sons and Daughters."

The [...]

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Evil Eyes release new EP ‘ii’

San Francisco trio Evil Eyes are back with a new EP titled ii, their latest release since last year’s Borderlines LP.

In line with the style on their previous [...]

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Joyride! releases new LP ‘Bodies of Water’

The first time I saw San Francisco's Joyride! was with San Jose's recently broken up Sourpatch. And from then on, it's easy to say that I was hooked.

Come [...]

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Get to Know: Kid Trails

Oakland's Kid Trails is the brainchild of Oakland's Patrick Jeffords, who writes and performs all instruments for Kid Trails, with the exception of drums, which are handled by Andy [...]

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