Magic Fight – "Fangs"

Oakland's Magic Fight just released the single "Fangs" from their forthcoming debut album entitled Wooden Swords & Stolen Echoes. The band began as a recording project for lead singer, ukelele player, and Florida native Alex Christopher Haager, who describes the band as "four guitar players playing anything but guitars." "Fangs" is a pop song at heart, but its big bass, sweeping harmonies that surprise you right away, and just a hint of a dark side make the track stand out. Magic Fight will be at Brick & Mortar along with The Disposition and the The Lawlands March 14, and they [...]

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Song Premiere: The Lawlands – "Elsewhere"

The Lawlands have been in the studio recording their forthcoming six-song EP, and they're giving us another taste of what to expect with the excellent new track "Elsewhere". The song is far more upbeat than "Youth", their first single with Anthony Ferraro singing lead, and it sounds like Ferraro is becoming more comfortable in his new role. If you're a fan of straightforward indie-rockers such as The Smiths or Magnetic Fields, you'll more than likely enjoy "Elsewhere", which you can stream and download below. The Lawlands will be joined by The Disposition and Magic Fight at Brick & Mortar this [...]

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Hoboagogo – "King of the White Trash Bar" / "Week Old Shine"

Photo by Rachel Sink Hoboagogo is a new San Francisco-based country/Americana band led by singer/guitarist Jesse Lanum. The band's songs generally revolve around the lives of down-on-their-luck folks from rural America, and although the lyrics sometimes paint a somewhat funny picture, you get the feeling Lanum has a lot of affection and sadness for the characters in his songs. Lanum's slightly nasal, wobbly voice and the loose feel of the band are the perfect soundtrack for the disorganized lives of the people he's singing about. Below, listen to "King of the White Trash Bar", which tells the tale of a [...]

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Best of Submissions: Sea Dramas, Black Kaweah, Spidermeow, & G'La

It's time for another round of the best submissions we've received here at The Bay Bridged. For this edition, we have four artists that concentrate on retro pop, folk, alt-country, and neo-soul, respectively, but they all hit plenty of other genres along the way. Up first is Sea Dramas out of San Francisco, who just released their debut LP, Soft Wake. Over the course of the album you'll hear some surf rock mixed with retro pop, folk, and even a little country, but I think the true strength of Soft Wake resides in the classic melodies and harmonies from vocalists [...]

Video: A Million Billion Dying Suns – "Journey To The Center Of Your Life Pt. II"

Nate Mercerau's solo project A Million Billion Dying Suns just released a third video from the forthcoming Brillgnar LP. Like the videos for "Brillgnar" and "Woke Up Floating", "Journey To The Center Of Your Life Pt. II" is a trippy lyric video created by Mercereau, and just like those other two tracks, the song has an enormous sound, and I still smiled every time the lyric "Ahhhhhhhh" came on my screen. Mercereau will be in Austin for South by Southwest, performing at least one AMBDS set along with a handful of The Park gigs with Myron and E (and others). [...]

Video: Astronauts, etc. – "Sideswiped"

Before I wrote my Best of 2012 list, Berkeley's Anthony Ferraro told me his solo project, Astronauts, etc. was on a temporary hiatus. Luckily for us, the hiatus didn't last long. Ferraro released a handful of tracks over the past month, including covers of Youth Lagoon and KING on his SoundCloud page. His most recent single, "Sideswiped", came along with yet another outstanding space themed video from Ben Smith, who also created all three previous Astronauts, etc. videos. Ferraro's strength as a composer really shines through on the "Sideswiped" - an instrumental version of the track could easily stand out [...]

Review: The Bay Bridged Happy Hour @ Benders; Damien Jurado @ The Chapel, 3/1/13 (Noise Pop 2013)

Noise Pop 2013: Damien Jurado @ The Chapel 3/1/13 - photo by Debra Zeller Friday night's Noise Pop Festival offered a chance to see a clash of styles within a couple blocks of each other, both in terms of the music played and the venues. First, I caught The Bay Bridged's Noise Pop Happy Hour at Bender's featuring Golden Void, Wild Moth, and DSTVV, and then hitched over to another Noise Pop performance from Damien Jurado down the street at The Chapel. Since the event was organized by The Bay Bridged, it doesn't feel right to gush and gush about [...]

Bill Baird releasing 'Spring Break of the Soul' double LP next month; watch videos for two album cuts

Austin native and newly-minted Oakland resident Bill Baird is set to release is double vinyl LP Spring Break of the Soul on March 5, and he's dropped a couple videos to give you a taste of what to expect. Currently pursuing his MFA in electronic music at Mills College, Baird's musical journey began with Sound Team, which was signed to Capitol Records before breaking up in 2009, and he recently wrote an wonderful piece on his time with a major label with on Impose magazine. I could describe Spring Break of the Soul (which you can preorder through Baird's Pau [...]

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Ticket Giveaway: Guy Fox and The Seshen release singles, co-headline at Rickshaw Stop this Friday, 2/22/13

Guy Fox Guy Fox and The Seshen are two creative Bay Area bands that are teaming up to release singles and co-headline a show at Rickshaw Stop this Friday, February 22. Listen to both tracks and see how you can win tickets to the show below. Guy Fox's new single is a rework of a song they've previously recorded, "San Francisco". The track takes the band in a dreamier, almost space-age direction without sacrificing their great sense of rhythm that was so prominent on their prior releases. Guest vocalist Lalin St. Juste of The Seshen adds a stellar verse, and [...]

Parmesans release two-track tour footage video, playing full slate of shows around California

Bay Area folk and bluegrass band The Parmesans just released a seven-minute video featuring gobs of footage from their first tour of California. They had so much footage, in fact, that the video spans two songs from their January 2013 EP The Smell of Silence – "See for Yourself" and "Spicy Cigarette". Watch the video (which was shot and edited by Ben V. Ho) below. Apparently the tour was a success, because the band is heading down the coast and back yet again, and if you live anywhere from Marin County to the Mexican border, they're probably playing in your [...]

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