Video: Anna Ash – "Haunt"

It's always unfortunate when an artist we love leaves the Bay Area, but it's always nice if they just head down the coast for a little more sun so they can come back and see us every once in awhile. Such is the case with Anna Ash, who left Oakland for Los Angeles late last year. She just released a video for the track "Haunt" and will be returning for an evening at that secret venue in the Mission you probably all know about. "Haunt", which is from Anna's semi-released collection of demos, showcases her strong, lovely voice, while the [...]

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Casey Chisholm – "So Much to Lose" (ft. Nicole Kidman)

Oakland's Casey Chisholm describes himself as a "one man wolfpack," but recently teamed up with fellow Oaklander Nicole Kidman for the one-off single "So Much to Lose". The track is kicked off by an organ-esque synth riff and Kidman's solo first verse before Chisholm and guest vocalist Shannon Young form a choir on the lengthy outro, giving the track the feel of an electro funeral in an empty church. So Much to Lose Feat. Nicole Kidman by Casey Chisholm Chisholm, who also runs Ascension Recordings, tells me he is most proud of his 2012 album Born to Lose. The title [...]

Interview: WOOF discusses 'The Thrill of it All' LP

Photo by Molly DeCoudreaux WOOF is an exciting new project from Different Fur Studio owner and engineer Patrick Brown, and Robert Pera, whoreleased their debut LP The Thrill of it All on Bandcamp's blog last week. The album is a collection of outstanding, eclectic beats matched up with a large group of guest vocalists from hip-hop (and other genres) located in the Bay Area and beyond. In short, the beats are all unique and every guest appearance kills, making this one of my favorite releases in 2013. I chatted with Brown and Pera via email about the project, and here's [...]

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Video: Kai Straw – "The American Dream (Suburban Part 1)"

San Francisco's Kai Straw is a MC and producer on a mission. "I'm looking to take a steak knife to the heart of hip-hop and replace it with a grinding engine pumping battery acid, art, honesty and beautiful and/or ugly music," he explained to me via email. He also isn't a fan of much of the Bay Area hip-hop scene. "As a city, San Francisco is known to be forward thinking...Yet our rap scene is full of materialistic, objectifying, drug-addled songs that attempt to compensate for their own stupidity through drowning all of it in trunk-rattling bass." When you listen [...]

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Mars Today – "The 'F' in Sexy" / "Casual Attire"

Producer, singer, and band leader Mars Today released a new single last week on Urb, "The 'F' in Sexy", which you can also stream or download below. We've previously mentioned Mars for his solid work producing the track and directing the video for "Art Goons" from sayknowledge and "The 'F' in Sexy" shows he isn't limited to work behind the scenes. This Friday at the Elbo Room, Mars Today will joined by a live band (complete with a horns section) to perform some of his solo work in addition to featuring several Bay Area artists Mars has produced and worked [...]

Video: Cool Ghouls – "Queen Sophie"

Photo: Daniel Johnston Earlier today, Phono del Sol performers Cool Ghouls premiered their video for "Queen Sophie" over on Impose, and like all things involving the Ghouls, it packs as much fun as possible into four minutes. Filmed in a San Francisco apartment, it's basically chronicling an afternoon at Cool Ghouls headquarters from the perspective of a model train. Apparently alcohol was involved. Watch it, smile, then buy your tickets for Phono del Sol and prepare to have the Cool Ghouls make you smile some more. We've already given you plenty of reasons to show up early to Phono del [...]

Evil Eyes announce 'Borderlines' LP

(Photo: Aleks Bars) San Francisco's Evil Eyes, the band led by Nashville transplants Greg Mabry and Joe Frabotta, was one of my favorite new bands of 2012, a year which they spent releasing a great collection of singles and videos, and playing a handful of shows. We haven't heard much from Evil Eyes in 2013, but that's because they've been busy recording their debut LP, Borderlines, which is set for a July 24 release. Ten of the 12 tracks are brand new, while previously released songs "Keep Your Mind on Me" and "Evil Eyes" were reworked for the album. The [...]

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M. Lockwood Porter releasing 'Judah's Gone' LP

You may not realize it, but there are some great American musicians coming from Oklahoma these days, with the likes of John Moreland, JD McPherson, and John Fullbright among a fresh wave of young Oklahoma natives receiving widespread critical acclaim and touring nationally. M. Lockwood Porter is an Oklahoma native currently living in Berkeley who may be poised to join his fellow Oklahomans in the national Americana scene with the release of his debut LP, Judah's Gone. The album's 11 tracks cover a wide range of styles, from basic folk to straight-up rock and roll, with a little classic country [...]

Field Medic releases debut EP 'Crushed Pennies'

Kevin Sullivan, singer and guitarist for Rin Tin Tiger, released his debut EP as Field Medic late last month, and will be playing a release show Friday at the Lost Church. Sullivan created Field Medic as an outlet for songs he had written that didn't quite fit in with Rin Tin Tiger. There's quite a bit of banjo, a complete lack of drums, and a more relaxed, folksy tone on the Field Medic tracks compared to Sullivan's work with Rin Tin Tiger. Physical copies of Field Medic's EP will available at the Lost Church, and you can stream it below. [...]

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Kathryn Anne Davis – "Makeup and Gum"

San Francisco's Kathryn Anne Davis, who was once in local garage band Honey, is set to release a 12-inch single "Makeup and Gum" on July 10 at The Hotel Utah. The single will be released on Pretty Penny Records, and the title track and and b-side "Garden Square" are currently available for streaming on Davis' Bandcamp page. On both songs, the strong voice of Davis paired with a steady beat and piano-led instrumentation almost make me think I'm listening to a lost track from Rickie Lee Jones or Carole King. Davis tells me the single is straight tape-to-lathe 180 gram [...]

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