Is the San Francisco music scene dead? We search for clues.

Hot Flash Heat Wave at the Rickshaw Stop, January 31, 2016 I recently heard the music scene in San Francisco was dead, and being a writer for a website dedicated to covering the music scene in San Francisco, I was obviously a little concerned. To get to the bottom of this, I went out to find some comments from some members on the scene. But man, it was kind of difficult. I thought I'd start with Chuck Prophet, who at this point should be considered one of the deans of the SF scene (if it still exists). Unfortunately, [...]

Thank You, Sonny Smith: A letter from our editor, Russell

A couple days ago, someone asked my why I was into music, and for whatever reason, I hadn't really thought about it before and gave kind of a bland answer that basically amounted to "because I like it." Well, yesterday evening Sonny Smith gave me a better answer, and I want to thank him for it. It was a normal day at work and normal commute home, but right as the BART train I was on was coming out of the tunnel between Lake Merritt and Fruitvale, Sonny's "Pretend You Love Me" came on. It's a song I've heard many [...]

Shay Roselip releases debut, ‘Ever Present Calm,’ on Gnome Life

Big Sur based Gnome Life Records has built up an impressive catalog of musicians who create dreamy music that feel as if they were all perfectly made for the natural beauty of the Central Coast. Gnome Life's latest release, Shay Roselip's Ever Present Calm fits perfectly into Gnome Life's realm in stunning fashion. The album was almost entirely recorded by Berkeley native Roselip and Jeremy Harris of Vetiver, with Tommy MacDonald of The Range of Light Wilderness also contributing. The instrumental arrangements of Ever Present Calm would stand on their own as a lovely, shimmering, and easy-going album, but Roselip's [...]

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Cougar on a Meth Binge releases debut full length, ‘Light in You’

We've really enjoyed following the growth of Oakland's Cougar on a Meth Binge, who first grabbed our attention with sweet, banjo-laced lo-fi recordings posted to soundcloud. They've released a handful of EP's, and this Friday, they're releasing their debut full length, Light in You at a show in Oakland at Studio Grand. Although the sound quality is a bit more polished, there's still an intimacy combined with subtly unpredictable and unconventional rhythms in COAMB's music that keeps bringing me back. The band has also released a pair of videos ahead of the album — catch the visuals for the title [...]

Get To Know: Superbrat, perhaps the world’s first Baby-Sitters Club concept band

Superbrat is an Alameda/Los Angeles band who writes "pop tunes based on the Baby-Sitters Club books." Yes, it's true, they are kind of a Baby-Sitters Club tribute band, (if the Baby-Sitters Club books had been released in the '60s, at least). Fronted by school friends Alexandra Velasquez and Alyssa Polizzi, they started down this unique path when Velasquez, who is also an elementary school librarian, came across Dawn and the Surfer Ghost. Inspired by the title, she wrote a '60s love song , "Surfer Ghost," for another band she was in with Polizzi. When that band faded away, the two [...]

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Premiere: Toner, “Peasant Dreams”

Oakland band Toner, which began as a solo recording of project of Samuelito Cruz, has had a brief, yet prolific existence, with an EP and LP already under their belt in a little over a year, despite Cruz's involvement in both Never Young and Happy Diving. Today, we're super stoked to give you the first listen of a track from yet another EP, Passing Glance, set for a March 15 release on cassette via Vacant Stare, and followed by a 7" release this summer via Digital Regress. On "Peasant Dreams", Cruz and his now full band make it clear they [...]

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Meernaa – “10/9”

One of Oakland's newest dreamy pop outfits, Meernaa, has just shared a new track, "10/9" ahead of a pair of February shows. As we learned on their debut, Meernaa's Carly Bond has an incredible voice, and her bandmates Rob Shelton and Nick Deryss help her produce dreamy yet sharp soundscapes. The track lives somewhere in the vicinity of where jazz, spacey synths, and world rhythms intersect, (which I think is somewhere around North Oakland). 10/9 by Meernaa Meernaa plays tonight at the Night Light in Oakland with MRCH, followed by a show March 29 at Bottom of the Hill with [...]

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Get To Know: Odd Hope

Odd Hope, which began as a home recording project of Oakland's Tim Tinderholt, just released their debut vinyl single on Fruits and Flowers Records that is an incredible first taste. "Brave and Olde" is a beautiful, somber tune that should be enjoyed over a lite beer while contemplating what you've done with your life. The B-side, "I'll Follow You Soon" is more upbeat, combining Tinderholt's new-wavey vocals with wonderfully sloppy and jangly pop instrumentation. Listen or purchase the vinyl single right here: Brave and Olde by Odd Hope Tinderholt, who describes himself as a "home recording enthusiast" shared his Odd [...]

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Video Premiere: The Painted Horses “I Wanna Tell Ya,” the first of a special video series with Gadgetbox

Santa Cruz folk trio The Painted Horses grabbed our attention with their lovely 2015 debut LP, Ponderosa Pines. Today, we're excited to share with you a new live video for "I Wanna Tell Ya" off the same album. The video is the first of Gadgetbox's "One Night Stand" series: each month is offering up a free 24 hours of studio time to a filmmaker and artist to record a video. Here are the details: Beginning in January 2016, Gadgetbox Studios is proud to present the One Night Stand live music video series. The goal of the showcase is to pair [...]

Playlist: Cocktails yearn for the summer

We've been big fans of Cocktails here at the Bay Bridged for a long time. Their most recent LP on Father/Daughter, Adult Life, was a wonderful album full of catchy songs about growing into an adult in San Francisco that just felt like the right. Needless to say, we couldn't be more pleased that Cocktails is joining the bill for our upcoming show at Slim's with WATERS and GRMLN this Friday night. Cocktails has wrapped up recording at Tiny Telephone for their follow up to Adult Life, which should be out this summer. While we anxiously await new material, I [...]

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