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    Giveaway & Playlist: The Seshen, Waterstrider, St. Tropez at Leo’s

Giveaway & Playlist: The Seshen, Waterstrider, St. Tropez at Leo’s

Three of the Bay Areas most innovative pop acts – The Seshen, Waterstrider and St. Tropez – play at Leo’s October 11, and we have a pair of tickets […]

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Video Premiere: Mammoth Life – “Wanna Be Loved”

San Francisco’s Mammoth Life produces swelling, dreamy pop sounds, and the video for “Wanna be Loved”, which we’re pleased to share with you for the first time today, is […]

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Cougar on a Meth Binge releases ‘Empire Cave’ EP

After a promising debut, Cougar on a Meth Binge literally went underground for their follow up EP, Empire Cave, a split with The Christys. The indie-folk band with the […]

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Mark Kozelek and the War on Drugs showdown at The Fillmore?

Although I love his music, I’ve accepted the fact that San Francisco’s Mark Kozelek, aka Sun Kil Moon, isn’t exactly the most…um…diplomatic musician out there. Well, recently, he’s pretty […]

By |October 1, 2014|1 Comment

Premiere: Cave Clove – “Kyrie”

(Photo: Anna Curtis)

Cave Clove began as a project from Oakland’s Katie Clover, who performed as a solo act with a rotating cast of musicians in shows along the West […]

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Marine Life releases debut EP

With nothing but a demo and a handful of shows under their belt, San Francisco’s Marine Life just released their debut EP Fool of a Kind on Spain’s Elefant […]

By |September 29, 2014|1 Comment

Joe Bagale – “I CAn’t StAND(we Can’t StOP)”

Making new funk is difficult – it was done so exquisitely years ago, and most attempts to recreate that magic in modern times falls flat. Luckily, Joe Bagale started […]

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Pablo – “Stoners”

Photo: Matthew Miller

Just over a year ago, we introduced you to Pablo, who at the time was in Sacramento and had released an absolutely marvelous solo folk album, Loma […]

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Get to know: Latitude

San Francisco’s Latitude began as a home recording project for Amy Fowler and her husband Joe Armin, singer/songwriter of The Aerosols. Fowler, who also plays keys for The Aerosols, […]

By |September 24, 2014|1 Comment

Dyllan Hersey – “Too Quick”

Great news! After a brief stint in New Orleans, my favorite local folktress, Marin’s Dyllan Hersey, is back in the Bay! She’s shared a new track, “Too Quick”, over […]

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Get to Know: Terry & Louie and Tuff Break Records

Although you may not know them as “Terry & Louie”, Oakland’s Terry Six and New Orleans’ King Louie Bankston have been working together for a long time. The two […]

By |September 17, 2014|4 Comments

bAd bAd – “i don’t use gel, i don’t use mousse”

bAd bAd continues to lead the mariachi surf punk scene, as evidenced by their most recent single, “i don’t use gel i don’t use mousse”. bAd bAd frontman Christian […]

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