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The Stratford 4 releases ‘Keep Your Head on Straight’

11 years after being recorded, The Stratford 4’s album Keep Your Crazy Head On Straight has been released this year, and on September 9, the band is playing their […]

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Michael Stasis releases ‘RIP III’

Although Michael Stasis has left the Bay Area for LA (where else?), we’re happy to see that his delightfully weird pop stylings have found a proper release on Montreal’s […]

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bAd bAd drops some videos; shows forthcoming

In support of their most recent release, Waterboredom, bAd bAd has released a pair of videos for your enjoyment. Earlier this summer, they dropped a stop-motion animation romp for […]

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Get to know: Blaine Todd

San Francisco’s Blaine Todd has been a part of the Bay Area’s experimental music scene for several years as a member of Common Eider, King Eider, Andrew Weathers Ensemble […]

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Get to know: Wild Couch

Wild Couch is a San Francisco folk band that according to member Will Skinner began “with casual acoustic jam sessions and then mutated into overdrive banjo solos and heavy […]

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Guy Fox set to release ‘Night Owl’

Oakland’s Guy Fox has steadily been releasing individual tracks and EP’s for several years now, but they’re finally set to release their debut full-length LP Night Owl August 22. […]

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Josh Lippi releases ‘Now Open Sundays’

Photo: Trevor Traynor

Josh Lippi, a multi-instrumentalist who has toured with K. Flay this summer and Tommy Guerrero earlier this year in addition to gigs with Lee Bob & the […]

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Get to know: Music as Math

Music as Math is a fairly new, (and very spread out) band that just released a fascinating debut EP, I Think I May Have Had a Religious Experience. Music […]

B. Hamilton releases ‘Fight Everything’

Oakland’s B. Hamilton, the project fronted by Oakland’s Ryan Christopher Parks (who you may recognize for his all-caps “internet genius”), is releasing his Fight Everything cassette this Saturday night […]

Toby Oler releases ‘Thank You, Bird Snider’

After releasing a bluegrass cassette, an oddball hip-hop influenced storytelling album, and a more straightforward, yet still wonderfully odd collaboration with Michael James Tapscott, Oakland’s Toby Oler takes another […]

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    Mike Coykendall and Carlos Forster take over Lost Church 7/31

Mike Coykendall and Carlos Forster take over Lost Church 7/31

Photo of Mike Coykendall by Michael Bordelon

A pair of longtime music veterans (and pals), Portland’s Mike Coykendall and SF’s Carlos Forster, each released outstanding records this year, and they’re […]

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Not the 1’s – “You Wack” (feat. Kool Keith)

Bay Area rap duo Not the 1’s just dropped an excellent track off their forthcoming LP Everybody’s Rappin’, featuring a guest verse from New York hip-hop legend Kool Keith. […]

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