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Dyllan Hersey – “Too Quick”

Great news! After a brief stint in New Orleans, my favorite local folktress, Marin’s Dyllan Hersey, is back in the Bay! She’s shared a new track, “Too Quick”, over […]

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Get to Know: Terry & Louie and Tuff Break Records

Although you may not know them as “Terry & Louie”, Oakland’s Terry Six and New Orleans’ King Louie Bankston have been working together for a long time. The two […]

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bAd bAd – “i don’t use gel, i don’t use mousse”

bAd bAd continues to lead the mariachi surf punk scene, as evidenced by their most recent single, “i don’t use gel i don’t use mousse”. bAd bAd frontman Christian […]

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Interview: Pissin’ in the Wind with John Murry

Photo: Amoreena Berg

A conversation with Oakland’s John Murry is an adventure that takes you all over the place. He’ll quickly change the subject from sports, history, fiction, politics, and […]

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UI/UX – “John Dwyer Lives in LA”

“We’re not a band, we’re a startup.” That’s how UI/UX introduces themselves on “Company Mission Statement”, off their debut album Peace, Love and Gentrification. We all know the tech […]

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Get to Know: Kid Trails

Oakland’s Kid Trails is the brainchild of Oakland’s Patrick Jeffords, who writes and performs all instruments for Kid Trails, with the exception of drums, which are handled by Andy […]

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Lee Bob Watson is back

Hey, remember Lee Bob Watson? If not, what the hell is wrong with you? If you do remember, you’ve probably been wondering why you haven’t heard from him, and […]

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Celebrate Hiero Day September 1 in Oakland

Returning for its third installment, Hiero Day is this Monday, September 1. Celebrating not only the legendary Hieroglyphics Crew, but also Oakland’s hip-hop culture, with over 30 artists scheduled […]

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Playlist: Get a musical history lesson from Adam Widener

San Francisco’s Adam Widener has released some excellent rock and roll over the last few years, most recently his LP Vesuvio Nights. Later next month Widner will tour the […]

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Video Premiere: Eric + Erica – “Side Pony”

Photo: Rivkah Beth Medow

Although dreamy pop duo Eric + Erica have left the Bay Area for the lower rents and hotter summers of North Carolina, they remain strongly connected […]

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    Playlist: ‘Hard Hits for Weak People’ from Pat Clos of Cocktails

Playlist: ‘Hard Hits for Weak People’ from Pat Clos of Cocktails

Photo: Jenn Dorn Heard

Cocktails’ Adult Life is one of my favorite releases of the year, and in my recent interview with frontman Patrick Clos, he mentioned some interesting […]

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Get to Know: Talkies

Photo: Jeff Harland

Talkies are a brand-spankin’ new four-piece that will take you back to the glamorous days of slick guitar-driven power pop. Frontman Ray Seraphin (whom you may know […]

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