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Noise Pop Film Festival 2010: Downtown Calling

A standing-room-only crowd settled in for Downtown Calling Friday, filling ATA's small space with a quiet symphony of claustrophobic rustling. Notwithstanding a glaring projection hiccup, the film -- director [...]

By |February 28, 2010|6 Comments

Shredification: Live and Undead

This coming Tuesday, the city of New Orleans will be subsumed under the boozy cloud of Mardi Gras. Those still recovering from the Saints' feel-good Super Bowl win have [...]

By |February 15, 2010|Comments Off on Shredification: Live and Undead

Shredification: High on Fire promise sonic immolation with Snakes for the Divine

When you see Matt Pike play guitar -- snaggle-teeth glinting, baby-beer-belly inching over belt buckle, sweat dripping across numerous just-better-than-jailhouse tattoos -- you realize that he was put on [...]

By |January 10, 2010|4 Comments

Shredification: Best Metal Albums of 2009

Merry Rotting Christmas, ladies and gentleman, and welcome to the year-end installment of this column. Though other, more industrious writers have cast their vision back across the decade to [...]

By |December 13, 2009|18 Comments

Shredification: Thrash Attack

The last column took on a bifurcated Death Metal/Stoner Metal focus, so I'm happy to return today with an update that concerns the Bay Area's favorite kind of metal: [...]

By |November 8, 2009|6 Comments

Review: Triclops! at Bottom of the Hill, 11/2

Triclops! - "Secret 93"

Halloween hangovers were still definitely in play Monday night at Bottom of the Hill. Triclops! took the stage in support of Big Business, filling the first [...]

By |November 5, 2009|Comments Off on Review: Triclops! at Bottom of the Hill, 11/2

The newest from SF metal band Kowloon Walled City

Kowloon Walled City's new record is called Gambling on the Richter Scale , which is both a homage to their San Francisco roots and an introduction to their [...]

By |October 26, 2009|2 Comments

Shredification: Something Old, Something New, Something Brutal, Something Blue

Hails, and welcome to the inaugural post of my metal column for the plenipotentiary Bay Bridged. Tune in the second Sunday of every month for commentary, reviews, and news [...]

By |October 11, 2009|Comments Off on Shredification: Something Old, Something New, Something Brutal, Something Blue

Weekdays at Annie’s: Enforcer 9/2, Jucifer 9/3

Two raucous shows back to back at Annie's Social Club last week; it's hard not to feel bad for the Folsom Street venue's upstairs neighbors.  Whore for Satan Productions [...]

By |September 10, 2009|Comments Off on Weekdays at Annie’s: Enforcer 9/2, Jucifer 9/3

Jucifer: Thursday @ Annie’s Social Club

Jucifer is the loudest band I've ever seen, which is no mean feat. Despite having only two members and no permanent home base (instead proudly proclaiming themselves “nomadic”), the [...]

By |September 2, 2009|Comments Off on Jucifer: Thursday @ Annie’s Social Club

Judgment Day Record Release @ Bottom of the Hill

This may seem too obvious to point out, but a lot of metal bands involving classical instruments tend to focus heavily on the neo-classical elements of metal, sawing their [...]

Black Muddle: Until The Light Takes Us @ YBCA

Making a documentary is a delicate balancing act, and the inexperience of first-time filmmakers Aaron Aites and Audrey Ewell is palpable as they attempt the definitive black metal doc. [...]

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