About The Bay Bridged

Founded in 2006, The Bay Bridged is a 501(c)3 nonprofit arts organization utilizing new media and presenting live events to support the San Francisco Bay Area’s indie rock, folk, and pop music communities.

The Bay Bridged presents a benefit for Playing in Fog!


Let all your friends and family know! It's the first Bay Bridged presents show!

The Invisible Cities
20 Minute Loop
Wednesday, September 6
Make-Out Room, 9PM, $8

On Wednesday, September 6th, The Bay Bridged [...]

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Episode 26: August’s Monthly Local Mix

Hello again from The Bay Bridged!

This week we're bringing you another installment of our Monthly Local Mix series, spotlighting a group of bands we haven't yet featured alongside some [...]

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Episode 25: Petracovich

Hello again everyone,

Last week, we were privileged to sit down with Jessica Peters, who records and performs as Petracovich, at Base Studio, home of some very talented local artists. [...]

Episode 24: The Herms

Over the weekend, we had the pleasure of sitting down at the Latin American Club and chatting with Matt and Chris, two-thirds of San Francisco's The Herms. Not [...]

Episode 23: The Lonelyhearts

This week we sat down with John and Andre from The Lonelyhearts, a duo from San Francisco (with a hint of Iowa City during the school year), over at [...]

Episode 22: July’s Monthly Local Mix

Did you know? July was renamed for Julius Caesar, who was born in that month. Previously, it was called Quintilis in Latin, since it was the fifth month [...]

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Episode 21: Brookhaven

Hey guys and gals! The World Cup is over, so now what? How about another great local band coming at you like a headbutt to the chest!

This [...]

Episode 20: The Drogues

We've made it to our 20th episode! We're celebrating this achievement with a feature show on The Drogues, a punk rock three-piece from San Francisco. We sat [...]

Episode 19: The FIRST Playing in Fog/Bay Bridged Podcast!

8 People + 1 Bottle of Wine + 18 Beers + Only 4 Mics = Our best podcast to date.

That's right! We have started a great collaboration with [...]

Episode 18: June’s Monthly Local Mix

Happy National Safety Month!
In case you didn't know, it is the month to be and learn to be safe. According to their website, this week focuses on Emergency [...]

Episode 17: Empty Rooms


This week we feature San Francisco based, Empty Rooms, on our show. We met up with Chris, Eric, and Garritt over at Giorgio's Pizzeria in the Richmond and discussed [...]

Episode 16: Pidgeon

To start off June and the summer we decided to feature Pidgeon (not Pigeon!) - an awesome Pop/Rock/Punk/Scream act from San Francisco. These guys mix a whole range [...]