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Bands In Portrait: Ellisa Sun sets on the Bay

At the end of 2017, Ellisa Sun was looking for her next challenge. "My band and I got to play the Great American Music Hall, we got to play [...]

By |July 22, 2019|1 Comment|

Bands In Portrait: Elizabeth Moen

For four years I had two homes. I lived day-to-day in San Francisco, yet always referred to London, England as my home whenever anyone asked. When I visited London, [...]

By |October 30, 2018|Comments Off on Bands In Portrait: Elizabeth Moen|

Bands In Portrait: Rabbit Quinn

After all she has gone through, Rabbit Quinn is not looking for your sympathy. She never has been. All she wants is your support. “If you like a female [...]

By |September 5, 2018|Comments Off on Bands In Portrait: Rabbit Quinn|

Bands In Portrait: Moon Daze

Florie Maschmeyer knew immediately what to do when Vela Eyes disbanded in February of 2017. “I was really ready to start another band. It was the next day. I [...]

By |June 19, 2018|1 Comment|

Bands In Portrait: Lalin

“I discovered that I'm not as weak as I thought I was,” says Lalin St. Juste. We’re discussing what she has learned, about herself, through making music. “Music has [...]

By |May 16, 2018|Comments Off on Bands In Portrait: Lalin|

Bands In Portrait: Miachalah

“Too many things have been holding me hostage,” sings Miachalah on her single “Breathe Again.” The 24-year-old R&B musician wrote “Breathe Again” when she was facing a moment of [...]

By |May 10, 2018|Comments Off on Bands In Portrait: Miachalah|

Bands In Portrait: Enon Gaines

Enon Gaines, frontman of Bay Area indie-punk-hip-hop band Unlikely Heroes, is an enigma. At one moment he is exuberant, then the next shy and vulnerable. At another point he [...]

By |April 19, 2018|1 Comment|

Bands In Portrait: Random Door

“I think doing DIY shows is a political statement,” says Katya Bitar; one half of the promotion duo Random Door. “It's sort of like taking artistic endeavors into your [...]

By |April 12, 2018|1 Comment|

Bands In Portrait: NRVS LVRS

I meet up with Andrew Gomez and Bevin Fernandez of NRVS LVRS a few days before Christmas. Across town, people are busying themselves by shopping, seasoning food, and decorating [...]

By |January 12, 2018|Comments Off on Bands In Portrait: NRVS LVRS|

Bands In Portrait: Doe Eye

“I think I was getting stuck,”  says Maryam Qudus, who releases music under the moniker Doe Eye. We’re talking about the period just before writing her second album, b-room, [...]

By |December 19, 2017|Comments Off on Bands In Portrait: Doe Eye|
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