Angelo De Augustine's supple, whispering folk-pop quivers and shakes. Fragile, but not broken, it’s a singular voice of acknowledgement and measured resolve. If there’s one thing De Augustine tenderly reaches for — with tentative arms — it’s clarity.

In a world running rampant with noise, this desire for clarity of mind, heart, and purpose is the hidden, ticking metronome beneath the surface of our lives.

On “Time,” from his newest record, Tomb, De Augustine’s gentle, provincial guitar is accentuated by whistles and a bed of subtle embellishments that create a world of comforting reflection. Here, his passage of time contains moments of loss, mistakes, and regret.

And yet, as weathered and faint hope may become, De Augustine’s perseverance and love is unruffled by each pain endured. This philosophy runs deep in his work, and Tomb is a pillar of affixed faith and warmth in times where seem to be none in sight.

“And I try, yes I’ll try, hope for love at the turn of a light,” he sings during an elevated refrain on “Time,” before affirming, “I give my whole life, my whole life, my whole life.” And isn’t that the point of all of this? What do we give if not our whole selves to each other? What is a world without kindness or love?

De Augustine perfectly captures the totality of his choices in life and distills these introspective moments into a universal, shared contemplation. We may have momentary moments of escape, but time will always catch on. We’d be wise not to run.

Angelo De Augustine plays Cafe du Nord Friday. Ada Lea opens.

Angelo De Augustine, Ada Lea
Cafe Du Nord
May 10, 2019
8pm, $12 (18+)