James Lanman
Photo courtesy of James Lanman

James Lanman is no stranger to the road. Fed up with the concrete jungle of New York City, Lanman embarked on a cross-country tour with only his instruments and the shirt on his back. Since then, his wandering heart has found a base back in San Francisco, but it is still most full when he's performing. Over the past three years, Lanman has performed for hundreds of audiences, including many "living room shows."

Like the title of his new album Mosaics suggests, Lanman's experiences and influences have culminated into a work that has peaks of passion amongst an all-over comfortable feel. For instance, "Still a Liar" has the coy nature of Remy Zero's work paired with a richer, more polished voice, but "When You Left" has a more casual, James Taylor feel to it.

Most of the songs on the album employ the slow burn, tempting the listener to stay with them, hooking themselves in to the hummable region of the subconscious. Lanman's Mosaics has a slow release plan that mirrors that. Starting on April 12, Lanman began to release one of the album's 13 tracks every Friday at midnight, giving listeners a chance to make friends with each song before encountering a new one.

Click here to check out Mosaics as well as Lanman's other work.