Every now and then, an artist comes around that truly elevates their chosen form, baffling listeners and expanding the possibilities of what would otherwise be a standard genre exercise.

2018's Singularity, the well-revered 5th record of British electronic producer Jon Hopkins, assumes the shape of ambient techno, but it never sits still for long, oscillating between moments of introspection and the hedonism that beat-driven music notoriously provides. Don't be mistaken though — club music it is not, as Hopkins is firmly planted in contemplation with this release. With all traces of bass removed, it is music for regeneration.

Hopkins studied piano before venturing into the world of electronic music, helping produce and collaborate with artists like the illustrious Brian Eno and Imogen Heap. With Singularity, Hopkins is aiming for the spiritual.

If you're looking for something that may spark a bit of a transcendental experience (psychedelics-inspired or not), there's plenty of opportunity imbued in this work.

Jon Hopkins plays the Warfield tonight. DJ Seinfeld opens.

Jon Hopkins, DJ Seinfeld
The Warfield
April 12, 2019
8pm, $22