First-generation Filipino-American post-rock band (what a title, right?) Wander recently dropped their music video for "March."

The band consisting of Bernard Barcela, Joseph Aguda, Ryan David, and Christian Francisco have been in the music scene for a while, playing on multiple stages throughout the Bay Area. From offstage to on the interwebs, now they're here to give you an incredible music video.

In an interview with Kerrang!, Ryan David dove in about the song and concept of the video:

The song is about overcoming an obstacle in life. A friend of ours recently lost her brother to health problems, so we took inspiration from this and made the music video about a terminally ill girl fever dream. She is dreaming of a peaceful and beautiful place where she can escape the hard truth of her inevitable death. In the end of the music video she makes peace with dying.

Their tour starts next month, which will coincide with their album release early March via Headless Queen Records. Until then, check out "March" below!