Crowd at Phono del Sol 2017, by Robert Alleyne

Dear Friends,

For 7 years, we’ve been extremely proud to bring you the Phono del Sol Music & Food Festival, our annual summer festival showcasing great local and touring bands in San Francisco’s Potrero del Sol Park.

Phono del Sol started in 2011 as something of a lark, an opportunity to bring some rad bands to one of the City’s hidden gems, a secluded park quietly tucked between a hospital and a freeway, with a beautiful and tragically underutilized bandshell.

The positive response to the first year’s festival was overwhelming, and subsequent installments saw Phono del Sol grow from its humble origins into a multi-stage, day-long, can’t-miss event. Over the years, we’ve hosted 65 bands, 52 food trucks, countless sponsors and vendors, and over 25,000 attendees like you. Last year, San Francisco Magazine called it San Francisco’s “Best Music Festival,” which was rewarding confirmation of something we’ve felt for a long time.

So it’s hard to announce that Phono del Sol will be taking a break this year.

Part of this decision is practical. Throwing an outdoor music festival of this size is much more expensive than we’d like, and costs have continued to increase over the years. We’ve tried to keep ticket prices affordable, while diligently seeking sponsors and grant funding. Even as a volunteer-driven effort, it just doesn’t feel possible right now to produce the kind of high-quality festival that we want while also keeping prices as accessible as possible.

But existentially, given the number of large-scale music festivals that take place every year, we’re not sure if Phono del Sol remains the best way we can use our nonprofit’s time and resources to advance our mission of supporting the best of Bay Area independent music. While we love Phono and have so many great memories from the festival, we have so many ideas for other projects that don’t happen because of the festival.

So we’re putting Phono on hold this year, while we explore ways to bring the festival back in 2019. If you have any thoughts or interest here, hit us up at phonodelsol[at]!

We’re also currently working on a whole bunch of other cool projects that we’ll be announcing in the coming months. And of course, we’re also still covering all of the best of the Bay Area independent music scene through our blog at


Christian N. Cunningham
Executive Director
President of the Board of Directors
The Bay Bridged