On April 14, the mysterious project coming out of Oakland known as Meernaa will be headlining Bottom of the Hill along with Outer Embassy and Luke Temple. Meernaa also just released "Wildest Eyes," the first video and single from the group's debut Strange Life EP.

The band was founded by Tiny Telephone producers Carly Bond and Rob Shelton in 2015. Since then, they've stayed quite elusive, releasing only a string of singles since their formation. All of that changes with Strange Life, out June 8 on Native Cat Recordings.

Bond's vocal range allows the band, which now also includes Andrew Maguire and Doug Stuart, to craft amazing tunes without having to limit themselves to just one genre. Whether it be a heavy soulful sound of "Good Luck" or a distorted art rock ballad like "Marrow," every single they've put out sounds completely distinct from the previous.

Their new music will carry a deep emotional tone. The theme, Carly explains is "a longing for truth above all else and the frustration that comes with not having it– in relationships with others, with oneself, and the conundrum of just being alive.”

Check out all of Meernaa's current singles on their bandcamp and don't forget to see them at Bottom of the Hill this Saturday.

Poster by Huntress Thomspon