In 2014, a young Berel Alexander was coming back home from New Orleans when he decided to record himself playing guitar at the airport. He'd brought his guitar to all kind of places before, but, as evidenced in the viral video of the incident, the hallway concert went a bit differently this time.

A guy only known as "Dwayne" came up to fist-bump Berel, but as he was walking away he turned back around and started rapping to the guitar. Berel started playing chords off the top of his head to keep up with Dwayne's flow. The song ends with Dwayne catching his own flight, and Berel telling the audience, "...and that's that!"

"My buddy saw the video and asked if he could share it on his page," Berel recounts. "I told him, 'Yeah let's go viral!' Little did I know that it would have 2 million views and spread so much positivity."

Four years later, Berel dropped the Alexander from his name, and is putting out his first original single under his new musical identity. "Simple" is a relaxing mix of ambient music, and funky synths that resemble early Daft Punk.

"I think Berel is a strong enough name on its own, and dropping the Alexander was just part of my transition into the alternative R&B world."

Berel has been making music since he learned piano and his dad taught him guitar. Music was always been encouraged in the household, so much so that Berel went to study it at Humboldt State University. This is where he met his frequent collaborator Aabo, who also co-produced "Simple."

They both eventually dropped out to pursue music full-time. Berel now spends a lot of his time messing around with different sounds at his studio in the Tenderloin. He's been working on this new music for a long time and his fans are getting another peak of it with the release of "Simple."

"I'm so excited, like, I'm brimming. My label Text Me has been really cool with everything, shout out to everyone there.

Check out the rest of Berel's music on his Soundcloud.