Jawbreaker got aging emo/punk kids on Reddit forums super stoked last year by reuniting for Riot Fest in Chicago, and a couple shows in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. However, the band has made no definitive remarks about new material...until recently. Don’t throw that wrinkled, faded Dear You shirt away in the closet quite yet.

According to singer/guitarist Blake Schwarzenbach on the Going Off Track podcast, the Bay Area punk heroes could be working on some new material as soon as this summer. When the host asked, “How’s the writing process work for Jawbreaker?” Schwarzenbach answered, “We’re all trying to remember that.”

Let’s hope they do.

While Jawbreaker started in New York, they released arguably their best records – Bivouac, 24 Hour Revenge Therapy and Dear You — while living in San Francisco. In an article with Pitchfork, Schwarzenbach said he wrote the song, “West Bay Invitational” on an acoustic guitar in a Mission apartment.

Check out the song, as well as the rest of that excellent album below.