Kyle Craft at Cafe du Nord, by William Wayland
Kyle Craft (photo: William Wayland)

Words by Elaine Blakely

Set at the lounge-style space Cafe du Nord, opening band Locus Pocus put a spell on us with classic '60s keyboard, bass runs, guitar solos, and swooning front man. They are tight, talented musicians ready to jam.

Those of us who are lucky enough to know who Kyle Craft is witnessed his special performance at Cafe du Nord on Monday March 5, showcasing his latest LP, Full Circle Nightmare. Craft crooned and strummed all night with hits like "‘Heartbreak Junky" about a love that doesn’t compare, to mellow ones like Patsy Cline’s "She’s Got You," giving us a tiny taste from his female cover songs LP Girl Crazy. Craft has a way of seducing the audience with his raspy, whiny voice and lyrically taunting songs that should make the average songwriter just up and quit in comparison.

After a solid set of jamming with the band, Craft remained solo on stage, alone with his guitar to serenade us with his poetic lyrics. Another solo masterpiece: Craft at the piano keyboard, where he questioned how Jesus would feel if He knew the people who loved him loved Trump too. Craft at the piano demonstrated his skills in performance and talent in songwriting. For those of you who missed this secret epic performance, no doubt you will get to enjoy Craft in the near future. Craft will rise to the top.