The Bay's own anti-folk artist Roxy Rawson released her new single "Black Eyed Soup" and although the title is about food, the song is ultimately about a failed relationship. It's true and it works. In her new single that you can't help but snap along with, Roxy beautifully layers on her vocals as if creating her own a cappella group with her voice alone.

In an interview with Popmatters, she explains:

I wrote this song as I was thinking of two things. One was a disgusting bowl of soup I ate in China — it had eyes floating in it. The other was the end of a bad relationship and malignant love of it. I visualized the soup like I was looking at the entrails of the dead relationship and how distorted things had become. The song was my way of celebrating my discernment that the love wasn't right.

Her debut album Quenching the Kill is set to release later this year. Until then, listen to "Black Eyed Soup" below.