UK trio Girl Ray will be making a stop at the Chapel on Saturday, March 5 and 6 in San Francisco during their North American tour. This comes just after their release of the acclaimed debut album Early Grey.

Poppy Hankin (guitar/vocals), Iris McConnell (drums), and Sophie Moss (bass), all three teenagers, will be supporting American synth-pop Porches throughout February and March including an appearance at this year's SXSW. The younger generation is our future (we're looking at you, Girl Ray) and we're excited for it.

The trio is described as:

... the sound of that uncertain period in everybody’s life when the rest of it starts to loom large, when feelings are felt more intensely than ever before, and when every decision seems like a fork in the road on your way to adulthood. Being a teenager is a crucible of heightened emotions and transformative confusion from which the “real” you will ultimately emerge, having fallen in love (and out again), outgrown friendships you thought would last forever, and changed in ways you never thought possible.

Porches, Girl Ray
The Chapel
March 5 + 6, 2018
7pm, $18