Coachella is treated as the official kick-off to festival season, a back-to-back two-weekend event setting the tone with bigger lineups and surprises every year. Legacy bands and acts have regularly used Indio grounds for their comebacks; Some artists have even risen from the dead via hologram.

By sheer nature of location, some artists trek up the Cali coast to squeeze in a show or two in between Coachella weekends. Northern California's unofficial "Local-chella" may only get a tiny fraction of the lineup, but nonetheless, its a treat for Bay Areans to catch a festival-bound artist closer to home. Check out who's paying a visit this April.

Elohim — Slim's, April 7
Elohim is something out of a dream. The Los Angeles electro-pop star's identity and persona remains a mystery for the most part — Her face turned away or covered in photos and videos, even in interviews, she masks her speaking voice. The anonymity serves her music, where songs such as "Xanax" and "She Talks Too Much" reveal just enough about her anxieties to prove that she's real.

Tickets: $20 advance, 8pm

Tom Misch — The Warfield, April 12
Singer-songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist Tom Misch is easily an electronic-dance-pop favorite and one of the highlights on this Local-chella list. The groovy Brit has new record "Geography" out in April, so he's got plenty of new material in store for his next San Francisco showing before hitting the Coachella stage. Peep his "5 Day Mischon" documentary for a behind-the-scenes look at his 2017 mini-project.

Tickets: $25 advance, 7pm

Ibeyi — The Fillmore, April 13
Watch the video of Ibeyi's NPR Tiny Desk Concert and that may be all the convincing needed to catch these two at the famous Fillmore. The French-Cuban sisters aren't only multi-instrumental, but they're also quadrilingual and equally expressive and soulful no matter what language they choose to praise their spirituals.

Tickets: $35 advance, 8pm

King Krule — Fox Theater, April 16
King Krule, a.k.a Archy Marshall, is a curious cat. His debut album, "6 Feet Beneath the Moon" was a melancholy mood board of sound that existed in-between genres: Hints of indie rock, post punk and trip hop mashed together in the mold of jazz fusion, strung with a sense of cool. Krule's new project, "The Ooz" offers a more refined hand to that same hybrid, a neo-Marshall figuring out how to break the rules in new ways.

Tickets: $35 advance, 7pm

Jamiroquai — Bill Graham, April 17
The last time the City of San Francisco saw Jamiroquai on stage was in 1997. Five records and a Coachella invite later, the London-based acid jazz/funk band is back in the Bay with a new album (2017's Automaton) and a whole lot of catching up to do: Classics such as "Canned Heat," "Black Capricorn Day," "Supersonic," and "Little L" held top spots on the US charts at their peak, but have yet to be performed for a Bay Area audience. Though the band's lineup has changed throughout the years, frontman Jay Kay remains to lead the charge.

Tickets: $65 advance, 8pm

Sigrid — The Independent, April 17
At 21 years old, Sigrid has already expressed pop stylings of the best to precede her: Hints of Adele, Lorde, Lana Del Rey, and even frequent-Major Lazer collaborator are sprinkled through her one-EP catalog, "Don't Kill My Vibe". The project's titular song and lead single was her breakthrough, charting in her home country of Norway, Australia, and the United Kingdom and earning her a spot on Island Records.

Tickets: $18 advance, 8pm

Yaeji — Starline Social Club, April 18; 1015 Folsom, April 19
At this point in time, the Brooklyn-born Yaeji is one of the most in-demand, badass artists blessing Coachella and our own humble Local-chella lineup. Her sound, aptly described as a "coalescence of fashionable hip-hop, house and pop" is underscored by her slick rotation between English and Korean lyrics — Her cover of Drake's "Passionfruit" put her on the Internet's radar, but it was "Drink I'm Sippin' On" that sent her on a new trajectory. Both shows — one in Oakland, the other in San Francisco — sold out within minutes, but anyone finessing their way into either performance is doing it for the culture.

Tickets: $20 advance (Oakland), 9pm; $20 advance (San Francisco), 10pm