Portland noise pop band The Prids recently splashed back onto the scene with their new cartoon music video "Lie Here." The release is in promotion of their recently released fourth full length project, Do I Look Like I'm In Love?.

The Prids are known both for their indie rock sound and DIY approach. They opt for independent releases under their own label, This-A-Way Records, and book their own concerts. The band's work ethic really shines through in their video, which was produced by Tim Yates, the group's keyboardist.

The animation walks through a day in the life of a blob character living in an unfair capitalistic world. He drowns himself in liquor and cigarettes before receiving an important letter he's destined to send in the mail. Yates' squiggly drawings are brought to life with bouncing colors, backed by the band's echoing lyrics. It all comes together to pump out an awesome and trippy music video.

The Prids will be performing with Shadowlands and Silent Pictures at Bottom Of The Hill in San Francisco on April 26.