JAKLYN, an Oakland based soul-pop artist, recently debuted her first music video, "Syrup," a song made in collaboration with duo TRKRNR (composed of Gyrefunk and Saul Vallens). The bright, synth-laced track is a cut off of JAKLYN's four-song EP, Syrup: The Remixes, and its unique production features Gyrefunk's homemade instrument, made of an electric bass, guitar, drum machine, and keyboard.

Award-winning cinematographer Yuito Kimura directed the music video. His mirror and shadow effects in the video highlight choreography performed by members of Bay Area dance company Embodiment Project.

The narrative depicts JAKLYN fighting the mind control techniques of her male doctor and his female assistant. Many scenes contain still frames, with the subject continuing to move around objects in the static image. What results is a dystopian experience that captures the viewer's imagination.

JAKLYN is gearing up for her second full-length album, and another music video that will drop early this year.

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